MQM Logic Impresses Shopkeepers and a Shocking Discovery!

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On the morning of 23rd August 2011, shopkeepers nationwide stood outside in awe, as MQM pawns on bikes enlightened them with the sort of mind blowing logic, mostly found in countries with stupid governments:

“Close down your stores and mourn the senseless killing or we will kill you senselessly”

Damn, these 20 Day PhD earners are on a roll.

In other news, legitimate PhD’s from LUMS & SZABIST, who earned the title of ‘Dr.’ (in 200 days) have realized that we all may in fact be Pakistani’s as a whole, instead of the claim for being Mohajir, Pashtun, Punjabi, Sindhi or a Baloch.

Head of the Research Committee, Dr. Kissmah Butt had this to say:
“Your kebabs are Behari. Your naan is Afghani. Your Biryani is Sindhi. Your guard is Pashtun. Your industry is Punjabi. Your port is Balochi. Your music is Multani-Sufi. YET you have the nerve to claim ONLY your kind are the true Pakistanis – pull yourself together for a stronger and prosperous Pakistan.”

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