Karachi Violence – A Political Blame Game

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This article is written by Hifza Shah Jillani based on a discussion with her colleague Osama S., who helped with various view points presented below.

political blame game

I come forth and have designed a few allegations and questions with respect to the recent ‘happenings’ in Karachi. Who it goes out to? Well it is for ‘who it may concern’.

No matter what your ethnicity is; Muhajir, Pathan or Baloch, you will be slaughtered and packed up in ‘boris’ and thrown over on streets of bloodstained Karachi presumably the ‘city of lights’ which has now become the city of darkness. Where are the candles to light up the darkness? Throughout the month of Ramadan darkness engulfed us, yet nothing has been done to hold ‘US’ back.

Sindh Reserve Police had come down to Korangi from the Interior region and they end up getting attacked, 4 being dead while others injured including a DSP.  The attackers, who attacked the police bus have been arrested.  Two of them got killed while one is admitted in the civil hospital on the course of ‘trying to escape’ the police when they got arrested.  Today’s paper declares that Hamid Mir has supposedly written that the Governor is trying to do his best to protect the alleged shooters.

Now we can’t really allege any political party for all the blame. The mandate of Karachi is in one hand, and we all know that, much to our surprise! Whoever is in better position now, is much revealed so we see who is getting all the benefits? We see how our very governor had to resign but he did come back again on the higher order of the ’puppet’ governing hand of Pakistan. Since we know who rules right?

Few days back right after ‘Iftar’ a meeting was conducted between different leaders from different political parties and chaired by Governor of Sindh. The outcome of the meeting got to the conclusion that ‘force’ will be enforced in the disturbed areas. The Governor surprisingly leaves the meeting in the middle!

14th August, the inception day of Pakistan had just happened few weeks back, where only ‘green and white’ bled in the city but now we see ‘red’ the only color that bleeds! Now who is actually monitoring it all or even taking care of the happenings carried out in the city? Nobody cares it seems. But no, wait are ‘the people’ liable to get out and become revolutionaries or maybe peace protestors (that’s not really gonna happen though) mimicking Libya?

De-weaponization is a much contested term of these times. But who does actually believe in it or work for or against it? We see the ‘expected people’; I mean the entire bunch actually violating the whole concept by retrieving the idea again and again of carrying arms and weapons. Illegal usage of these weapons should actually be eliminated in order to inculcate the policy in real terms. Also, you shouldn’t actually ‘display’ those expensive bounties since it’s written over your legal piece that it’s not allowed to! So please along with your huge cars and huge moustaches don’t please show your weapons off, it’s for the children you know.

The label that runs Karachi says it all. It throws peace or violence, but the point is, it ‘controls’ it any case.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mohsinnaseem Mohsin Naseem

    These “tyrants” called as leaders and responsible for what is happening, should be sentenced to death.

  • http://www.facebook.com/babarkj Babar 賈韋

    Absolutely Brilliant 🙂

  • Maheen Durrani

    are you insane? everything is now and has always been the PPP’s fault. Anyone with ties to the PPP is a coward, murderer and thief!

  • Farooq K

    lol this article makes no sense.

    The government is to blame for the violence, there’s a dozen things that can be done to solve the violence problem once and for all, but the problem is that thugs own this city, country and all positions of power..