Insomniac’s Anticipate World Oral Health Day 2011, Totally For Knowledge

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Event Planners and Coordinators at the local hospital have been flooded with calls from eager attendees for the World Oral Day Conference, due to be held on Monday 4pm-5:30pm at the hospital’s auditorium. On further inquiry it turns out majority of the callers are victims of the latest wave of Karachi’s load-shedding and are suspected to be insomniac based on the gaps between sentences and heavy breathing on the phone.

The callers wanted the hospital’s event team to know, that they would be attending to learn more about dentistry and teeth, and not come with blankets or pillows to sleep in the cold hospital’s auditorium floor. Despite the hospital staff’s insistence that the event is ‘open admission’ and requires no justification for entrance, the callers continued to read from Tribune pages on oral care and dentistry citing more reasons to validate the claim of attending for self-educational reasons.

“We’re not one of those people who go to this hospital for a family picnic or sleep in, we’re real people with a real thirst for *YAWWWWWWWWWWN* knowledge … and with that thirst, we want a spot near the AC but also in line with the untouched sofa’s” asserted one family man calling on behalf of his wife, children, brothers and parents, all of whom most definitely yearn to learn more about oral care.

The above statement is more than enough proof that all these caller’s aren’t free loaders at all, because anyone interested in getting a great nap at the local hospital’s auditorium knows to be right at the back near the emergency exits where the AC vents strike down on a perfect 45 degree angle … not that I know anything about that 1st hand; I’ve never freeloaded, twice.


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  • Sadia Rashid

    Hahahaha I hope those poor poor souls =P I hope they found the AC seats and learned loads 😉 Good one!!