Pakistan & US Relations: The Haqqani Mess

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General Kayani Pakistan Army

The whole Haqqani mess, referring  to ‘Haqqani Network’ not Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States, Husain Haqqani, has created a political hoop between the stakes involved,  State Department, Pentagon, CIA- ISI, Pakistan’s Army, Pakistan’s Parliament.  The statement made by Adm. Mike Mullen calling Haqqani Network ISI’s ‘veritable arm’ has further aggravated tensions between the derogatory US Pakistan‘s partnership.  The hoop could make the stake holders turn twists and turns that can only be either hoped, feared, expected or experienced.

PM Gilani says, “Our national interest must be respected and honored. And Pakistan cannot be pressured to do more.” He clearly meant that Pakistan’s Military would not take any military action against the Haqqani network.

While ISI chief Gen. Pasha claims that ‘We have never paid a penny or provided even a single bullet to Haqqani network’.

On the contrary former Jamaat-e-Islami chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed has stated that it is ‘Pakistan’s right to remain in contact with the Haqqani network for negotiations’. The Jamaat –e-Islami formed in 1941 as an Islamic organization that practically drove ‘religious ideology’ of the country under the leadership of Maulana Mawdudi.

However, all of the statements issued by the ideologues are contradicting enough to make up a deteriorated reality. What really would happen is a question that will not be answered anytime soon.

US state department is rather on a confusing stance, as stated the rhetoric about playing the ‘good cop/bad cop game with Pakistan. Mullen and Leon Panetta, US Defense Secretary playing the good cop while Hilary Clinton, Cameron Munter and the Obama administration plays the good cop role. Washington policy’s expecting this role playing might end up making Pakistan attack the Haqqani Network’s sanctuary in Federally Administered Area on Afghani borders. While it is much analyzed that Pakistan won’t really do much about it since the historical linkage and a safe, controlled playground that keeps India off in Afghanistan is at stake if it breaks off its cords with the network.


It really is a mess at the moment since it called for an All-party meeting on Thursday in Pakistan where all parties (Yes, Military and ISI too) took its stance on the bold statement made by Mullen.  This event could either make US Pakistan relationship in shambles, a military action by US, (since Congress is pledging on expanding the military operation in Pakistan), and economic sanctions imposed on Pakistan or it might just make Pakistan cut off its allegiance to the Pentagon and White House (which the US doesn’t really want since Afghanistan’s war is still at pace).

It might just work out if both the states realize their critical status and their public demands, because really, the Wall Street protests and upcoming Pakistani rebels might just make things a little uptight for the both countries. It’s high time to pull a few things back and correct the reparations made.

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  • zaheer

    The main idea behind allies and going to war together, is the fact that the allies should completely trust each other, help each other in the hour of need so that their main objective is achieved. WE and Pakistan have been allies in the war in region not of this war, but the previous war against USSR as well. By blaming each other will neither end the war not it will serve any purpose of the partners. Therefore it is advised that both the allies should sit together, work out their differences and end this war.

  • zaeer

    It should be known to the world that US and Pakistan have the same objectives in the war against terrorism. that is to to finish these militants. if they both have same goals then they should sit together and see this war through

  • saba kamran

    i am amazed that none of these blogs have mentioned the core issue of improvised explosive devices. These devices are not only damaging our society but is also responsible for killing innocent people.