Change is Possible: A New Perspective

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The lecture given to us today was on a very controversial topic yet captivated all our attention throughout. The topic of the lecture was “Change is Possible” by Imran Shervane. Imran Shervane works as a journalist and in his short span of life as a journalist have came across a lot of issues which initially seemed to be very complicated and never to be resolved. But with time, not only the issues resolved with that also changed the perception of people and that was only possible because people wanted to change. In this lecture, all important issues were highlighted from political to social to international.


For most of us, change is just a word we often use without even understanding its true meaning and purpose. For me change is a perception which comes from within. Though many external factors force us to change but overall if it’s not within than the change brought about would hold no sustainability. As part of my bachelor degree in Social Sciences, we as students were asked to work in different garage schools and initiate change firstly within ourselves and then within the students with whom we mostly spent our rest of time during the course.

Even after the lecture most of us were not keen of the idea of teaching at a Government School. However we as a group of six students, choose to teach at “Govt. Girls Primary Secondary Model School”. Before going there all of us were occupied with our pre-conscious perceptions. And with those when for the first time we entered the school to take permission we were straightly turned down. After trying about a dozen schools finally we got the permission.

While working, I never realized that my little contribution would be on any help. My perception about Government Schools and the standard of education there was not that good rather were very much distorted. Initially for me working there was just because of the project assigned. But after going there every day and teaching those students I realized that my perception about Government Schools was utterly based on false statements either highlighted in the media or by people who themselves never tried to bring about a change in those schools.

However, while teaching I aimed to educate the students with certain objectives and skills. With that also tried to improve their practical skills; also motivated them for higher education. My major concern was to improve their learning and speaking skills. I always tried to have a very interactive class by using several methods such as by asking students more and more questions; explaining them everything with a slow pace; modeling out certain aspects of the lecture to enhance their further learning; collaborating and asking them to demonstrate their understanding to other students in the class.

My efforts there were not that huge neither they brought a change from the very starting. But one thing which made me proud of helping those students out was that the students themselves were so motivated to learn that my little efforts slowly and gradually started to produce results. Though I wasn’t a permanent teacher there but when teachers their talked about how much the students have improved brought a smile on my face. Initially, when we went into the school to ask for permission, the School Administration disagreed by saying that ‘these students are of no use, they are useless. They are not at all interested. Humare kudh ke teacher’s bezaar hain in say app kia kar longay?‘ Those words strung me out but now when with my little efforts I started to observe a change in those perceptions too. Though, I don’t consider that as a huge achievement rather a change which earlier seemed to be impossible.

During the lecture, questions were welcomed and my students actively participated. Class participation was my first priority for all the students. I make them participate through question answer sessions. These sessions were held to boost the confidence level of the students.

After all the effort I did now slowly and gradually I can see change in those students. They are now able to write proper English without grammatical mistakes. For my upcoming classes I plan to improve their speaking skills by making them speak English through different exercises.

Therefore, I believe that change is possible if we all combine and work together as a nation and not as individuals.

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I am currently doing my MS in the field of Social Sciences, however, for the course of the study my Major is International Relations. I have been working with many International and National Organizations till date. Besides that I have also been writing articles for quite some time now. I have also participated in many Essay writing competitions both Nationally and Internationally and have also bagged in many recognitions for my contributions.