Witness Lays In The Making

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Kennedy+Castro created this experiential on ground activation for PepsiCo snack division in South America:

YouTube Preview Image

The idea was to demonstrate the purity of Lays Chips, by giving customers a chance to add the ingredients themselves and produce a bag – using potatoes, oil and salt.

Coming soon to the most important POS. Important is code for ‘money minting’.

For more on this activation, click here.

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  • Afshan Merani

    Now that, is awesome. Who handles the media strategy of Pepsi Snacks in Pakistan? S360 should pitch this idea to them asap!

  • http://twitter.com/babarkj Babar Javed

    she’s a SZABIST MBA 2009 … works at MindShare … also manages Cadbury and GSK … name is Mehr :-)