Branding Pakistan, “Which Country Can Do More For Your Peace?”

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Is this how they are branding Pakistan? An injured ‘Peace Facilitator’? Do they even advise for viewer discretion for such advertisements? It’s odd how bloodshed and turmoil have collectively been associated with the country that is decaying from within because of corrupt termites and obviously when Pakistan is at the mercy of a destructive political party, it’s and many other politicians, the outsiders would get a reason to point fingers. But this advertisement though full of efforts seems to justify this.

It sure is something unique and out of the box in comparison to the kind of ads we get to watch locally but it seems to be biased and one sided from the perspective of this government. There is more to leadership figures than just Benazir or political figures in general but even if we look at it this way, Ayub Khan and his policies could have been associated with Pakistan’s image because the country witnessed a great deal of industrialisation in his reign. If we can have economic progress during the time period of such people then dictators are true leaders while democracy has been the real culprit for us Pakistanis, the downfall has mostly been the result of the evils of democracy.


Adage has described this ad in a different way or perhaps how reviews should be written but the article by Tom Wright has such a negative tone to it that it seems he had been consumed by his preconceived notion about Pakistanis being terrorists. After watching this ad he probably thought that Pakistan facilitates peace packaged in terrorism. Writing that we ‘export terrorism’ is worse than saying that we ‘enable terrorism’. How can a country be an exporter of terrorism? If that’s the case then the US exports weapons, does it make the country a terrorism exporter? Why not because weapons do bring about destruction. One cannot wage a war in a country to bring peace to it, that’s like saying that one of you body organs have become dysfunctional, therefore, you ought to be killed. They did not send Pakistan it’s  F-16’s even after being paid and instead charged for revenue expenditure. Does that make them thieves?

Despite all this, the criticism is on Pakistan for wasting aid given to it or not putting it to good use or that we were done a great favour whereas we were doing a favour. Here’s the reply to one of the criticisms:

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