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In response to our previous post, Ayaz Abdullah (Country Head for International Franchises Pvt Ltd) got in touch with PakMediaBlog to clarify some of the points made. After going through the critique from PakMediaBlog, PMB fans and DD fans who have encountered similar issues with the Schon Circle branch, the following has been brought to light:

1. The Dunkin Donuts branch at Schon Circle is the heaviest-traffic store, serving hundreds of customers daily, because of which, they are accustomed to receiving the highest number of comments from this store, mostly via SMS. Their SMS feedback system is live for all outlets, not just 26th Street. You can view the entire list by sending an SMS to (0331) 3666-000 are encouraged to SMS this number if there is any sort of feedback. In addition, from their Facebook page you can also access a Guest Satisfaction Survey which is also monitored closely.

2. International Franchises Pvt Ltd ensures that Dunkin Donuts Karachi conducts regular (weekly) manager & staff trainings at the branch relating to all aspects of store operations, including – and most importantly – customer service. As identified in the PMB post, they need to close the gap between standard processes and actual execution by staff & managers. Mr. Ayaz Abdullah is personally looking into the matter much closely.

3. With regard to the “ancient database system”, the POS is up-to-date & running MICROS, which is the global standard used by many of the leading restaurants in the world. The inability to “account for human error” is an internal control mechanism put in place to deter employee theft. Despite this control, the staff at Dunkin Donuts has adequate tools & procedures in place to account for any actual mistakes, and customers should not face any of the problems identified in the PMB post and that stated by commentators on the post links and post itself. It turns out that my favorite outlet – 26th Street – and all the other DD outlets are running the same system.

4. Before considering the possibility of letting go employees, Dunkin Donuts Karachi we will first counsel, re-train & monitor it’s team’s performance over the next few weeks – and Mr. Abdullah would like us rest assured that any required personnel decisions shall be made swiftly.

Great response and we hope the amendments take effect real soon. My only concern is that the errors DO occur and sure there is likely to be a fix around mention in #3 … its just the DD staff don’t seem to know about it.

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