Mattel Enters Wonderland

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Brazilian media innovation agency Ageisobar, has developed colorful and playful TV spots for toy designer Mattel, directed by Rodrigo Pasavento

“We Create, Your Kid Imagines”

For Girls
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“This gives me an idea for my coming weekend” – Chelsea Correia (Director at 22Tango Search)

“That was beautiful … Initially I was surprised at the absence of a diverse cast i.e. in ethnic groups. Maybe there’s more to come?” – Rosa Herring (VP @ Alpha Medical Group)

“Professionally, its well done .. personally, one hopes Mattel realizes that little girls dream to be more” – Ally Zapantis (Recruitment Manager @ Tommy Hilifiger)

For Boys
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“It would have been nice to see more racing action with the weapons and flips … at least that’s how all my imaginative car racing playtime had” – Asfandyar Inayat (Program Manager @ Ericsson Canada)

“Would have made more sense to use the race track when cutting out of wonderland” – Junaid Tahir (Project Manager @ du UAE)

“It needed more … the girls ad was much richer is design and emotion … what, so boys can’t feel anything?” – Sivarama Krishnan (Partner @ PWC India)

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