5 Reasons To Change Doctors

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Every other doctor in Pakistan has a generic certificate on his or her wall, indicating and claiming a specialist course from some unknown foreign (mostly UK or Australian based) medical university. Also known as ‘paid online courses’. That being said, there are five more signs that your doctor is a quack.

1. Outdated Methods
When a doctor can’t appreciate the value of on-going or recently published research, that’s when they start assuming “I know everything”, which as most entrepreneurs and actual leading thinkers will tell you, is the First step towards failure. When your doctor suggests trying a new treatment or drug, the statement should be followed or preceded with “studies show XYZ works in x% of cases”. Of course, South Asian doctors are champions of pulling nonsense out of thin air with ease and confidence, so be sure to verify claims or ask for references with your smart phone or ask your kids to if you don’t have one. It’s your health to care for first, the doctor can wait

2. Poor Listener
In the 15-20 minutes your doctor gives you, there’s hardly 5 to state your case and symptoms. A good doctor not only listen to What you say, but also How you say it and with what gestures. Most patients will hold back on divulging too much on their first visit (though this is a risk you should not take at any cost). And yet, doctors who do not prescribe treatments that account for all your views, are really doing you a disservice.

3. Unknown Drugs
Doctors usually assume their patients will not be able to understand the fundamentals of the drugs being suggested for usage, but its important for you to ask. If he/she beats around the bush, its time to do your own research or get a second opinion.

4. Big Talk
I’ll make this one short: if your doctor coughs aplenty, is overweight and has trouble speaking then you probably shouldn’t be taking his advice for your health. Granted he has the basics in check or has rote learned them on health, but … different methods work for different people (no one is 100% alike), and the doctor who hasn’t experimented in the area of mental and physical fitness isn’t a smart choice to place your health in. Just saying, practice what you preach.

5. Sanitary Protocols?
Before examining you, does the doctor sterilize his or her hands or expect you to do the same when & after coming in contact with standard equipment? Germs never die, but their multiplication can be postponed with the right tools, washing your hands being one of them. The doctor who neglects the basics needs to spend another year at medical school.

It’s understandable that parting with a long term doctor is difficult, but its your health you need to look out for first, unless there’s a gun being held to your head, your choice in this regard (good or bad) falls entirely on you. In the long run, you’ll thank yourself. And in the mean time, stay strong, sharp and healthy … to the point that you never need to see a doctor till your eighties

Sahlique Sultan is Managing Partner of N'eco's Natural Store & Cafe and holds a masters degree in sustainable business management from the American University of Paris.