Online Marketing is Sexy

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We live in the information age where the byte and the click rule our lives. With technology advancing every day, new mediums are opening up for people to do whatever they want to do. Ever since the advent of the Internet, it has been evolving into something bigger and better, and it is now at a stage where the online technologies have become part of our desktops and our offline experiences.

Like everything else adopted the Internet, so did advertising and marketing which saw great potential in this medium as a cheap and effective way of doing business and reaching the masses (literally). The internet not only helps marketers reach a larger audience but it does it in a most efficient and cost-effective way.  Allowing marketers to target the consumer with the information available down to the dot.

Online Marketing comes in many shapes, sizes and forms of service. Of course because of the great potential some very smart people who think a lot of innovative stuff sat down and thought up of more and more ways to sell. Here is a list of some more commonly used online marketing techniques

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Inbound Marketing
  3. Intext Marketing
  4. Lead Scoring
  5. Classified Advertising
  6. Social Media Optimization
  7. Mall Linking
  8. Web Directory Submissions
  9. Search Engine Submissions
  10. Search Engine Optimization
  11. Email Marketing

Now individually getting into what each of these terms mean I would have to write a few pages and this blog entry would turn into something unreadable so I`ll leave that part up to the curious reader to figure out.  I am however going to discuss some Advantages and Limitations of the technology.


  1. Relatively inexpensive when compared to the target audience reached.
  2. Convenience for the consumer as businesses can now offer access to services instantly to the end user thus giving their consumers an added benefit
  3. Marketers can easily measure detailed statistics. Since it’s on a computer, it can be traced, measured and analysed allowing businesses to tune their campaign on the fly. Knowledge really IS power.
  4. Instant feedback. Marketers can get instant feedback from the consumers as they are required to visit a website in most cases
  5. No boundaries. The Internet has broken all borders and allowed businesses to go global in a matter of weeks with a well developed online marketing plan and a website instead of waiting years to start offices in another region
  6. Businesses are in a position to offer bonuses on product purchases because of the simple fact that they are spending less money in marketing that product
  7. Online catalogs/Newletters are less expensive than traditional printed catalogs/newsletters


  1. Requires customers to use newer technologies rather than traditional media
  2. Users with low connection speeds and on mobile devices might not be able to access information if marketers and businesses make complicated websites
  3. The traditional way of touching, smelling and trying a product before one makes purchase is absent in this situaiton and some consumers might still want that before they purchase anything
  4. Moving to internet marketing might be hard for a company, especially if they have to convince their senior management who have worked hard and manually for years to do what can now be done in minutes with a computer.
  5. Security concerns. Consumers still fear giving out information online because of concerns about information security and their information being sold
  6. Online marketing takes away that personal feeling that some people would actually pay a higher price for. Businesses may have to work harder to achieve better customer satisfaction levels

Online marketing in Pakistan is still fairly new but it is coming up quite fast and marketers have been quick to adopt it into their marketing plans. We might see a more widespread use of this technology in Pakistan.

In conclusion, Online Marketing IS Sexy!


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  • moazzam

    Sir right on the money 🙂

  • Zaira Rahman

    Online Marketing is the IN thing. People hare have not realized the significance of this media as yet. But it’s just a matter of time and they will because online martketing will definitely grow in time.

  • Omar Khan

    The costs savings alone are a HUGE plus and companies don’t need any other excuse to adopt something so handy. 😀

  • Shamayel Baray

    Majority of the telecoms have realized the potential of this medium and are taking it seriously it seems. According to a research conducted by the World Association of Newspapers (2007), globally, 66% of all media will be digital by 2010 and 80 % of all media will be digital by 2020. Would be interesting to watch marketers constantly capitalize on this.

  • Omar Khan

    Even with those statistics Shamayel, I still think Pakistani marketers would prefer the more conventional means as that definitely reaches a larger audience in a country where illiteracy is a major problem.

    Having said that, it will be quite interesting to see how companies make use of this resource

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Online marketing is the next big thing for Pakistan as far as my understanding tells me. And it is definitely a matter of time when we start realizing the potential of how effective this medium can be. The problem is .. everyone just wants to play SAFE!

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Well said Omar. The point is that the campaigns that are focused towards the urban youth, maybe able to use this medium very effectively.

  • Omar Khan

    Thanks Sarosh, The urban youth is a small percentage of our total population size and using such mediums will only target that small percentage. Another speed bump I would see if that online services in Pakistan will not be able to gain a large market share for a while as credit cards are still somewhat feared amongst the youth.

  • mair

    is not being used that much I mean SEO … but alot of companies are going towards it due to great effectiveness in online marketing and Web Sales