Ad Executive Considers Haircut

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Pakistan’s only Priyanka Chopra look-a-like, who is also a renowned brand executive has openly considered getting a new (possibly short) hair cut.

While friends and family are supportive, concerns have risen over her desire to try something “completely different” citing a gutsy mood post her 25th birthday celebrated early this week. Her co-workers expressed concern, though hoping she can ‘pull off a trendy look so long as there are no streaks’.

Brutally honest close friend ‘Usman’ appears to have diverted her thoughts away from getting a cut too short citing “I don’t think it will suit you, but they will grow back and risk is good” which seemed to work brilliantly until he ruined it by later adding that “try a different style with long hair … but if you want a big change then go for it”


Trendsetters suspect she is more likely to take into account the suggestions of a female friend (a save stating “No I love your hair, let them be long) than take the advice of Danish, the super accountant from Canada who shared “I say short, instant rating increase”.


Her best friends have urged all those who meet her after the cut to be extremely supportive of whichever decision she makes, going so far as allowing her to work in a ponytail if the cut doesn’t turn out as expected.

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