President of Pakistan: Nominated as Best Brother Ever

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First off, thank goodness the President of Pakistan has recovered from the illness that overtook him not so long ago. We almost lost a shining example of what it means to demonstrate undying affection for family. Proof of his awesomeness comes from the fact that his life was not taken from him in the slow and torturous manner that most Pakistani’s hoped feared.

Instead the Lord has injected more life into this great great mind, to continue running Pakistan into the ground to new heights of excellence.

But there is one problem; the President is making ALL brothers (yours truly included) look really really bad. And by bad, I mean selfish. Here’s why: I personally do not have the mental nor physical resources to gift my siblings over USD 1 billion to start an airline. On the one hand, none of the Presidents of countries that aren’t buried in a motherload of debt have done it either, but still, our President sincerely took out time from his hectic schedule and made sure his sister could start an airline.

Organized-Brother Honoring Amalgamation Institute Network’s (O-BHAINS) has nominated our beloved President for their annual BROTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD … and he just might be the first Pakistani to win it.

We should all be so proud to be lead by such an inspiring and selfless role model.

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  • Hifza Shah Jillani

    i pity you, for your lack of intellect (scratch that) COMMON SENSE

  • AA


  • Hiba Moeen

    I fear this ogre might go to heaven due to us constantly crapping about him. But I truly hope he sizzles in hell for each Rupee of the nation that he stole and is spanked the number of times equaling the population of Pakistan! 🙂

  • Sahlique Sultan

    lighten up, its just a joke. Also, rumor mill says the author is a former civilian consultant for the ISI, so best not to upset him. Marrying him would be a better option 🙂