5 Persona’s Every Leader Must Develop

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I find it necessary to adopt multiple persona’s over the course of my day when dealing with Sociality360‘s vendors, clients, alliance partners, co-workers and students. For each group, there is a unique approach that allows me to ‘get through to them’ so to speak, and its apparent this is a practice utilized by other leaders as well. I’m not referring to being ‘two faced’, merely shining light on the importance of treating people in the manner which intrinsically excites and motivates them

Good leadership is about the needs of the organizations stakeholders and less about what you want. When going over the persona’s below, it is not essential that they styles I use with one group will work for you as well; you must find the best fit for each. The particular demands of a situation will also determine which persona you adapt overall, which will vary with the challenges faces by your company and skills need (or on hand) of the workforce involved.

1. Hussain Dawood (Engro Corp) is the most appropriate leader for the organization that needs a new direction. He has not only demonstrated in the past, but continues to do so, a drive to take confidants towards a set of shared dreams. He articulates where the goal is and allows room for the team to innovate, allowing them to reach said goal in the manner they see fit. By doing so, your team experiments and gradually learns to take more calculated risks.

2. Sarim Sheikh (Shell) has created a working environment where employees are rewarded for showing initiative and seek out professional development. He keeps showing his team how to improve their performance, and helping to connect their goals to the goals of the organization. Unfortunately his involvement in every department – also known as micro-managing – which undermines the power of the departmental head.

3. Aspy Nariman Fatakia (Ora-Tech) focuses on creating harmony in a group by connecting groups of similar goals and varying approaches. This approach can repair broken trust in an organization, increase morale and improve communication. It’s important to note that given the culture in emerging markets, some may take advantage of this and assume their average work will be tolerated, so apply this style with upper levelers who are driven to do more.

4. Imran Khan (PTI) style recognizes that he is not the smartest or most resourceful person in the world, and gathers a team with the right mix of knowledge and skills to create a group commitment to the resulting goals. This style works well for me when our clients have an unclear direction and require a leader who can tap into the groups collective wisdom. A fair warning, do not use this style in times of urgency or crisis; consensus building is a waste of time in that scenario.

5. Abdul Sattar Edhi (Edhi Foundation) is obsessive about doing things faster and better, expecting the same mentality from those around him . I use this style near the execution stages of a campaign or plan, where key participants have already pooled in their input and just need a guiding hand to perfect their respective crafts. Using this style too often has undercut morale and made my former colleagues feel like failures. Use sparingly.

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