Gmail Prevents Suicides

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On 2nd January 2012, the 1st Monday of 2012, Mr. A (name changed for privacy) had planned to kill himself in front of co-workers because of whom (according to him) he had been overworked and unable to find that ‘special someone’. All that changed when the above Gmail advertisement appeared on a YouTube video he was watching late at night on the 31st of December 2010 … a video (that according to him) featured a news report but we feel was hardcore porn drag racing.

This is one of the millions of stories no news outlet wants to cover since Badar Khushnood (the only face of Google in Pakistan) refuses to answer his emails demanding content integration fees or offer the multi-billion dollar company free advertising, whilst ignoring that the online presence and value of their companies is thanks to Google ad optimization.

Now that Google has fueled a reason for finding someone through the above ad (and others like it in Urdu) that guarantees that someone actually thinks worthless people have a shot at happiness, suicide prediction for the year 2012 have taken a sharp hit.

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