Imran Khan outed as Free Mason, Gun Sales Surge for Unknown Reasons

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Pakistan is totally an awesome place for conspiracy theories.

The latest one suggests Imran Khan is a Free Mason. This implies that the remaining front runners for the election are not Free Masons. This further implies, (as our fictional knowledge of what Free Masonery will tell us) that Imran Khan is the most intellectually powerful person running for the elections b/c all Free Masons are well known to be (according to blame-game theorists) the most bat shit crazy imaginative super geniuses that ever walked the face of the planet that we call Earth.

Or is it really Earth? What if our Free Mason created computers actually have us warped in a dream like state which we cannot escape, which would TOTALLY explain all the outright stupid events that have unfolded over the past decade.

See how stupid ^ that sounded? Just like ALL CONSPIRACY THEORIES.

In other unrelated news, gun sales rose today, with fanatics being the primary customer based, as did an interest by the same group to attend Imran Khan’s next jalsa for reasons we are not sure of in any capacity.

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  • Jackoria

    SHUT UP retarded

  • Pak

    pakistan ka jhanda bhi phir illuminati howa na ? Lol faggot author

  • lili

    He is a freemason, has links with rotary clubs, and other tights links with other organizations.