Capitalism murders Vintage Treasures

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It’s a pity how we fail to value our vintage treasures with hopes of sustaining capitalism, thereby, destroying old buildings and pursuing 20 something story residential buildings or shopping malls instead. We often see new buildings in vulnerable conditions while the old ones stay strong enough to stand the wrath of weather and minor faults.

The pictures show stages of this house being broken down, they bring to remembrance the words of the former owners who once mentioned that till a few years after Pakistan came into being even Empress Market’s tower could be seen from this particular location. Thanks to population and the overwhelming construction around there isn’t much of a view to be considered. Now that this vintage stuff got sold maybe twice or thrice, the final owners decided to break it down. People around have their fingers crossed about whether it will turn out into a new house being constructed, a residential building or maybe even a shopping mall or a place for sacrificial animals for Eid ul Azha. However, the plot next to it used to have rabbits hopping around until a few years ago, other animals were just a value addition. Why can’t we have wildlife reserve or a sanctuary instead then?


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