The Real Gene behind College Jeans

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I remember watching 50:50 and I also remember that I used to laugh like anything for their amazing content of humor…a show of its own kind, or should I say, one of a kind. But then again, for a decade I was unable to find a slightly familiar type of television drama or sitcom that would come up to my expectations of a good “humor” concerning drama, but unfortunately all those who claimed failed miserably.

Then out of nowhere in the late 1990’s came a ray of light, a light of hope, a hope of a good laugh, a laugh for a good humor. It was none other than a Lahore based sitcom by the name of “College Jeans” which by the way had an amazing catchy music (later on I came to know that it was taken from an Arabic song). The sitcom had a long list of young talented wonderful caste who are, to date, successful in their careers, and that too are media related.

The story revolved around the renowned campus of National College of Arts (N.C.A.) and its capable students, and their whinny miserable lives (as portrayed). The cast included amazing actors like Faisal Qureshi, Ali Zafar, Ahmed Ibrahim, Samina Ahmed, Tariq Abro, Ehsun Rahim and many others worth watching. The comedy content and the acting was something to watch for. In addition to this, almost everyone present in the cast was a student of NCA.

The sitcom came into two sections, the first one including all the major show stoppers and the second with some changes (which by the way was not worth watching at all). The reason being that almost everyone was busy with their career based lives and doing well.

Its been quite a while since we had a good laugh at our very own home-made sitcoms and the continuous effort of our new comedy based directors cannot be ignored but, they have failed to deliver what is said to be “first-rate comedy”. Sitcoms like Wrong Numbers (by the very talented Jawwad Ahmed), Family Front, Jutt and Bond were some of the closest to make us remember our old laughs. Lets hope and pray that we get to see some good comedy in near future from our very own creative directors.

I was born in raised in Karachi and hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Currently I am a teacher by profession and love it as it has given me a continuous learning drill so far. I am a keen observer and scrutinize everything from every possible angle. My interests reflects my personality, majorly related to Art. I have been really fond of Advertisement and the different kinds of marketing strategies that the companies use to put forward their products. Hope that you have a nice time reading my posts and let me know if they were informative enough or not. Feel free to criticize as well...=D Have a nice day!!!

  • Umer Tanveer

    Talking of Sitcoms, Nadaniyan is another show televised on Geo TV which is raising a lot of eyebrows. The show has a good cast – Danish Nawaz, Yasir Nawaz and Nida Nawaz. The humor and acting is well synchronized.

  • Sarah Taarik

    Umer, I did come across this sitcom but it somehow failed to catch my attention. From the fact that the humor created by these shows is undoubtedly in no comparison to what our previously made sitcoms had to offer.

  • Shayan Ahmed

    i think nadan nadiya which aired on NTM was also an amazing show….

  • Shayan Ahmed

    ….and ‘teen bata teen’ as well 😀

  • Ali Salman

    no doubt nadanyan on Geo is da best sitcoms…really script is too good..

  • Sarosh Waiz

    These were great programs. Wish we could have more if this kind in today’s era. So true to life, genuine and natural. That was the best part!

  • Ali Gondal

    i completely agree with the author. Kollege jeans first season was undoubtedly best sitcom ever. No other sitcom can match its status

  • Sheraz Sohail

    I really like college jeans. i was the best sitcom of its time. i still in search that i could find its complete videos but still didn’t find it. if any one who read my comment have its complete videos then please contact me on my email address i will buy it at any price.

  • Christmas

    Hi Omer,

    Think about the target market and the demographics and the official language being spoken in a country like Pakistan. I remember when Maggie and Knorr were launched they came to schools and targeted school children in non-Dutch speaking schools and I believe my school as well taught English not Dutch/German.

    So when MENA and AFPAK teach English pronunciations in schools, bringing in a different pronunciation out of the blue only in Pakistan, that too with your justification is pretty weird. I bet you feel more foolish now! 🙂