Another boring after thought about electric vehicles

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So I finally got down to reading an article by Sahlique Sultan titled “Electrifying the Auto Industry” which talks about the auto industry, the surprising claim that EV’s (Electric Vehicles) came before ICE (internal combustion engine) ones and what the auto companies need to do to create a more (lets say) relevant design for the next generation of buyers.

Have a read through and tell me if you find something missing in the article … Once you do, read further.

When we talk about ROI, we hope for it to turn around ASAP which is a very loose aspiration to define but for a market like Pakistan it usually refers to ‘before others launching around the same time’ or ‘before established companies in the same field did so’. What Mr. Sultan failed to mention as far as I see is the absolute need necessity for charging stations without which this plan is not as they say ‘thought out’. We are assuming of course, that not everyone will have access to solar powered vehicles and even if so, some may need a charge-up at night when the weather forecasters anticipate a cloudy morning via rain or other climatic reasons.

The ideal locations for charging stations (in terms of access convenience) are office parks, retails locations and parking lots. I don’t truly anticipate a rapid ROI if the charging station owner relies solely on revenues from selling electricity alone, so I’d like to annoy everyone with a marketing capitalistic thought that is sure to bother those who consider green energy as a creation by and for the idealistic-non capitalistic thinkers of tomorrow. The suggestion, I find will not hurt too much and can be regulated:

How about using charging stations (where a person can spend as little as 1 minute in waiting time) as a marketing point for product sampling, billboard advertising, incentive platforms, new media data collection, coupon redemption and other promotional items that could help finance it out of the set-up cost. Beyond the return it will be upto the charging station owner/investors whether to continue this additional revenue stream of visual advertising or not; just a suggestion.

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