Government learns nothing from Arfa’s death, panders to retards

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Despite having ignored her predicament at a time that was critical and could have saved her life, the prime minister is allegedly considering awarding Pakistan’s (late) young MCP a civilian honor now that the media is paying attention to her – move that could take attention away at the complete failure that he is. It seems to be working on the PPP stupid Pakistani’s and we are in full swing in line with our 2005 earthquake and 2010 flood i.e. the citizens of Pakistan, especially the loud mouth self righteous ones, will FORGET about this whole matter by the 2nd week of February 2012.

We’ve never been wrong about that prediction. Here’s one more, instead of learning something valuable from all this and FIXING THE HOSPITALS that are supposed to halt the spread of diseases, the government will pander to idol worshipers disguised as Muslims wanna-be technology guru’s by building a park in her name. Yes b/c a park will prevent this from happening again, whereas addressing the problems in hospitals will only waste time and probably GOD FORBID hold someone accountable.

How many of you are stupid enough to buy this garbage?

My heart goes out to her family, but seriously, there are people who have spent DECADES as unsung heroes protecting and growing the nation without a single spot of attention or air time, maybe we should focus and award them instead of cheapening the award b/c some insecure & useless politician doesn’t want to make the hard choices.

Isn’t this the same government that awarded its own members for something they never accomplished? I mean, what the hell?

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