Does Giving Life magazine want to scar your children?

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A recent article by The Guardian claims that child modelling is emotionally damaging. It doesn’t seem like the team at Giving Life read it, maybe the $$$ rolling in outweighs the PR cost to repair the damage if any.

We are told that the pre May 2011 management + editorial team would never have made this call. Anyway, what do you think?

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  • Corp

    Wow.. very good!.. I just checked out Giving life site.. but they are doing a good job I think. please check out the site and decide yourself..

  • Shiraz Ahmed

    I think Giving Life Magazine is a hope for new moms & the parents. You see politicians & Celebs kids in magazine but cant see a common people kid in Magazine Its Giving Life who publish a common people kids Photos in Magazine which is famous in Singapore, Dubai & Malaysia. I think Giving Life Magazine is doing a great job.
    You can also send your babies photos in Magazine. just email