Internet Prepares to Take a Dump on Maya Khan

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The online community is entering the earlier stages on taking a massive dump on Maya Khan for her ridiculous moral crusade. Mehreen Kasana of Express Tribune responded to her openly here, a Facebook page with nearly a 100 likes is demanding an immediate apology (doesn’t make sense, just get it off the air), Kalam TV widely spread this link to reveal the hypocrisy behind her self righteousness, and Jay Toons released the above image which can be found here.

One wonders why Maya Khan does not crash product launch parties and disclose the frequent drug & alcolhol abuse … I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that she’s being too well paid not to report it … What’s your take on the matter? I only bring this up b/c PMB fans have urged me to, but seriously, this is so stupid, I don’t understand how someone who think this is a good idea can remember to breathe.

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  • Abdallah

    I agree completely.
    These are the poors who were targeted.

  • tanya

    welcome maya khan, new Zia ul Haq of Pakistan.

  • Kamran Jawaid

    I’m in support of this Babur Khan because such illegitimated activity … hey hey i’m not talking about the boys and girls i’m talking about the Samaa TV’s so called emerging host MAYAA KHAN, who brought dis-respective posture in the democratic country. She has no rights to ask to any one for having time in parks. Are parks build only for Pathan and their gayish activities, Why not Mayaa Khan go for having raid on Professional Gays in surround of Empress Market or why not having raids on such prostitutes, who disguised themselves in Burqas and walking around on I.I.Chundrigar roads at official off time i.e. 5pm or 6pm to catch their official targets and take them behind the I.I.Chundrigar Road, i mean at napier road. Maaya Khan create problems for middle class public and any one should ask her that have you ever dated with any male or being lesbian ….