Worlds Greatest Democracy Screws Anti-Nuclear Irani’s

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Pictured: Cock Suckers

If you’re an Irani banking with Iran’s state owned Bank Tejarat and happen to own stocks in US markets, hey guess what, you’re SCREWED.

The worlds greatest democracy – you know the one that spent 10 years and 4 trillion USD allegedly looking for ONE man – has decided to impose sanctions on Bank Tejarat effectively screwing over any pro AND anti nuclear program Irani’s. The worlds greatest democracy is determined to push down the sanctions even though Tehran states its nuclear program is peaceful, a claim the USA has considered with the same tone as when the Afghani’s said OBL was not in their country and Iraq denied having nuclear warheads.

Gee, I wonder if the US government will eventually evolve into a machine that LEARNS from is GODDAMN mistakes.

When will the US government learn that Maya Khan-ing is NEVER the smart move and maybe they should look at their own side lives of dancing with non mehrams CAUSING the financial crisis, staggering obesity levels, massive unemployment, total devaluation of the USD, asymmetrically dysfunctional critical decision making abilities on key issues and more.

Ron Paul 2012?

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