Chai, magar kaunsi? Lipton ya Tapal..?

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Drinking tea defines our culture as well as history. Around 95% of the total world’s population is relatively familiar with tea, its strong and sensational aroma and its soothing, yet slightly bitter astringent flavour (taste). After water, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world. In Pakistan, almost every 10th person is a tea addict and undoubtedly feels proud of this addiction (and I am now one of them too, and a proud one). May it be the light yet effective green tea, the slight ting of lemon tea, the amazingly “sab ki favourite” doodh patti, the occational Kashmiri Chai, or the delicacy of herbal tea, we all love and adore tea.

If you go back into the history of tea, you’d find it head spinning as what it has to offer. I mean, I did this little research on it and I was rather stunned (as I thought that tea’s origin would be from our very own Asia for sure). Moving on, as I really don’t feel like going into the depth of history of tea as it was not appealing at all, lets move on to the real segment of the post here.

Doodh patti, is the widely used form of tea in Pakistan, then comes the rest. Now when it comes to tea, which is a commodity (and now a days a basic one in every household), we search for the one who has to offer the following:

– great flavour
– highly aromatic
– easily accessible
– affordable

So, here we are, with the two highly competitive tea brands, the fight between the Red and the Yellow. You guessed it right; it’s the Yellow Lipton against the Red Tapal.

Lipton is the tea brand for Unilever, one of the biggest multinationals around the globe. According to a source,

• 1649 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every second
• 8245 cups of Lipton Tea are enjoyed every time you blink
• 1252 cups of Lipton Tea are drunk every time your heart beats
• 52 billion cups of Lipton Tea are drunk each year

Interesting facts or made up blah blah figures? Moving on, Tapal on the other hand has made its mark in the market by its very slogan “Laal hai toh Tapal hai”. By embossing its brand with the color Red, which represents the colour of the tea, it has managed to grasp masses by a strong marketing cum advertisement tactics (very clever Tapal). With the strong catchy tagline like:

– Har Lamhey ki Chah – Danedaar
– Rishton ki Khushboo, Muhabbaton ka Zaiqa – Family Mixture
– Chill Kero – Ice Tea
– Shades of Green – The Green Tea Collection
– Bolo Bolo Thaa Kar Ke – Tez Dam

These tag-lines did not only managed to draw masses towards it but also showed to their highly valued customers how diversified their Tea brand is.

Since both of the competitors seem to do extremely well in the market, its rather impossible to find as to which has the edge over the other. According to a survey, which was done recently, 84% of the Elite class and High Middle class prefer Lipton over Tapal, where as 95% of the Middle and Lower Middle class prefer Tapal over Lipton.

When compared both of the findings and after evaluating it thoroughly, it was concluded that both of the leading tea brands were on the verge of getting the Oscar. However, 78% of the total masses appreciated and valued Tapal’s efforts of marketing themselves brilliantly in comparison with Lipton. In terms of the advertising categories, Tapal again managed to sweep the rug of applause from Lipton. The masses loved the way Tapal portrayed itself in front of them which was commendable.

Leaving the taste aside, the over all perspective clearly shows who the winner is, but like they say, “One color can change the whole picture” and we simply cannot fore go Lipton for this at all.

I was born in raised in Karachi and hold a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Currently I am a teacher by profession and love it as it has given me a continuous learning drill so far. I am a keen observer and scrutinize everything from every possible angle. My interests reflects my personality, majorly related to Art. I have been really fond of Advertisement and the different kinds of marketing strategies that the companies use to put forward their products. Hope that you have a nice time reading my posts and let me know if they were informative enough or not. Feel free to criticize as well...=D Have a nice day!!!

  • Robert

    Both Lipton and Tapal are tasteless tea,I would prefer Taj Mahal tea.