SOPA Could Have Bankrupt Google

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One wonders why the biggest search engine/tech house of shiny apps would support a grass root cause against Internet based IP’s. One could argue that said company was created by the same generation that opposes said bill and is merely standing besides its fellow generation members. One could assume so much more, but in the end, its all about money.

No doubt SOPA would have eliminated Wikipedia in its entirety, but it’s implementation would totally destroy and bankrupt Google to the core.


If you and I rank as ‘7’ on the 1-10 scale according to violators of SOPA, Google ranks somewhere near the two thousand range.


Well for starters, Google’s ENTIRE BUSINESS MODEL is based off sharing pirated content and software – its the most searched item in Google itinerary; its the best tool to find pirated content and dominates this through monetization. Reducing piracy means giving up a significant chunk of ad revenues and traffic sources.

An investigation conducted by The U.S. Senate Antitrust Subcommittee’s found that Google’s demotes the content provided or promoted by competing search engines while advancing its content with the top ranking.

More news on this as the story develops. Special thanks to our fans for the links.

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