Sahir Lodhi’s Accomplishes Hate-Love Ratio 360 to 1

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"ughhhhhhhh AO MERAY PAAS ... ughhhhhhhh ... JANI"

The most consistently baked looking Pakistani celebrity has earned himself over 87,000 fans who DISLIKE his work, while his own Facebook page has 242 admirers.

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The ratio should not serve to dishearten the Shahrukh Khan wanna-be as his time to shine is around the corner, with Valentine tie in brand campaigns expected from a media team that shares minds, an opportunity that will allow him to showcase himself as anything but lacking original thoughts.

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  • Shoaib Yaseen

    lol.. you should correct the record.. the original fb fanpage has more then 118k fans.. :p

  • Sahir Lodhi Ko Roko

    Hey there, Babar Khan.

    We’ve quoted you on this, here:

    Unfortunately, as Shoaib Yaseen has pointed out, the official fan page has more fans now. o.O

  • Sumbalbutt

    this is a wrong record