Selfless Superhero Sacrifices Himself for Innocents

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On early Thursday morning, a senior official of the DHA Vigilance force lost his life protecting a family from would-be robbers. The full story can be read here on Express Tribune.

We are currently trying to get in touch with ET sub-editors and the writer for this story Mr. Mirza in order to contact the family and reward them for their husband/fathers/brothers bravery in the face of eminent death – an act few in our country would do. I urge the entire PakMediaBlog fan base and otherwise to pool in at least PKR 1.5 million to provide the fallen soldiers family a good lively-hood. Let our combined efforts serve as a symbol of our appreciation for similar selfless acts, such that others in the force are compelled to do the same. When I have the contact information, it will be added here and on the Sociality360 Facebook page.

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  • S.Tabay Abbas Hamdan

    Thats a good cause. Please do let me know what ever I can do for the family of this brave man.