McDonalds Specialty Coffee

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McDonalds’ Specialty Coffee, now is that coffee? Well maybe, depends on your conditioned taste for the beverage. However, their campaign these days is quite eye catching in terms of the display of coffee variants they have to offer, at the same time capitalising on the mindset of most local consumers about coffee who think that it should only be consumed in winter. The brand still has a chunk of the target audience that would not agree with this norm but realising how winter or the so called winter of Karachi revives this seems like the right time to advertise.
I personally had the experience of having their Cappuccino which shocked my taste buds, it thus, depends on the end consumer’s preference. Still, coffee at these franchises is served warm and not hot thanks to the crazy international lawsuits.
But hey look what and whose flags are there on the billboard corners, isn’t theft by political parties of others’ billboard space over? Or maybe they are just random flags …

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