How to lose the weight and pain

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Its better to be that person eating, sleeping and exercising moderately in your fifties instead of those uncles briskly and desperately walking in the public parks hoping for some weight loss. It’s better to prepare, use baby steps. Fix your sleep schedule – 7 to 8 hours a day. Eat a moderately heavy breakfast with fruits and water included. Do 100 jumping jacks before taking a shower, make it a point to do so in less than 60 seconds. Most importantly, start weigh training:

This study from Manual Therapy shows that strength training can reduce pain and prevent injury cycles.

This study from Denmark states that those using kettle bells for their workouts report less pain and improved strength in the back and core muscle groups, with reduced lower back pain by 57 percent and shoulder pain by 46 percent.

This study by the American Council on Exercise found that exercisers could reap the benefits of a 6 minute mile sprint by burning 21 calories per minute with a consistent total body 20-minute kettle bell workout.

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