Feminists Allow Release of Snow White and the Huntsman

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In an interesting turn of events, the adult twist of the children’s tale ‘Snow White’ starring the expressionless Twilight female lead Kristen Stewart will not be banned or protested against by anti-racist and feminist groups – like NOMAS – around the world.

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The story line, which features themes promoting supremacy of ‘fair’ beings, was expected to draw mass critique from feminists for promoting Hollywood beauty of skin deep and by anti-racists for its subliminal white supremacy.

Personally, I deduce that HUMSAFAR deserves all the credit … which female lead is dark in there anyway?

For those asking, the answer is NO – Unilever’s brand ‘Fair & Lovely‘ has not heavily sponsored the movie nor will they do so upon its release in Pakistan (which is a shame b/c that would make ALOT of sense).

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