China Weapon X Experiment Fails, Rebranded as Cadmium Spill

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As part of their ongoing efforts to rely less and less on nuclear weapons to exert dominance and influence around the globe, the Chinese government has made significant advances in perfecting their Republic army into genetically modified super humans. Following Davos, most business magnates and top leaders from the country felt that perhaps an army would not suffice and resorted to dumping Chemical X into the mainstream water supply to create walking civilian weapons. The initial test was conducted in southern China as a benchmark for future innovation.

Bad idea.

After far too many consistent and near identical spikes from hospitals within the region of civilians demonstrating symptoms that harvest into cancer or kidney disease, the project has been backpedaled at lightning speed. Now the situation has been called a Cadmium Spill, with work underway to brush to matter under the table and redirect the cause towards something called ‘business waste’ spills.

Such imagination needs to be rewarded.

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