Psychopaths Rejoice Over Asim Jofa 2012 Campaign

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Thanks to a new clothing line, all manner of working and non working women can identify themselves with a brand that promotes the existence of all sorts of people, regardless of how unproductive they really are.

Asim Jofa campaigns for 2012 call for personifying all manner of women as potential customers, even raging psychopaths. “I used to be an overpriced dresser like them, then I took a forced leave to the face” said renowned local psychopath Ms. Kisma Butt, who comprises of the scores of future nutters crazy enough to attend the exhibition expected in mid-February of his collection.

“We’re seeing a spike in bookings from all over the city outskirts, mostly from raging maniacs”, said Mr. Gayford Buttram of the Buttrammers Hotels & Resort here in Karachi.

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