Lawn Exhibitions 2009- A Boom to Fashion Industry or an Example of Mismanagement?

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Start of April had brought about the seasonal collections of lawn prints, all over Pakistan. Unlike, the past whereby only two major brands existed i.e. Gul Ahmed & Alkaram Textiles, we saw fashion swinging from every corner this year.

Be it the established names like Rizwan Beyg, Maria B., Sana Safinaz etc. Models such as Vaneeza Ahmed or socialites including Erum & Mahin, everyone wants to jump on & introduce lawn labels.

Jam packed rooms of the five star hotels had never been witnessed more than this year. Amusingly, when the world cried for recession, our ladies enjoyed their shopping obsession.

Now what has given a boom to the lawn industry is the extensive market, extra ordinary profits & obviously the labels themselves. In addition, the urge of wearing different brands has increased so much that if not through the expensive bridal & formal wears, ladies tend to fulfill their association through lawn prints.

On the other end, our designers are coming up with exclusive collections, every year for they want to build in a bond with almost every household local. The fact that models and socialites are designing is undoubtedly the hay of profits in the business because the market is huge and almost everyone could be accommodated.

Brand association is a matter of prestige these days and this has what made women go crazy, getting almost possible print. A glimpse of such a happening was during one of the popular exhibitions of Sana Safinaz, where women were witnessed attacking the dummies to get their favorite prints. What a show it would have been where the so called Sophisticated Begmaats behaved in the most unsophisticated way possible.

Now what I’ve analyzed is that apparently, our designers have made a huge success in terms of profits and brand recognition but then there’s one question, constantly bubbling in my mind; as to where do our popular designers stand when it comes to handling their customers? Because what we’ve witnessed this summer was not popularity it was simple brand image destruction….!! What do you think ?? Contribution would be appreciated. 🙂

Hey guys! I'm currently a student of B.B.A, from S.Z.A.B.I.S.T., Karachi and certainly not a professional as yet. :) But the kind of grooming & drilling, this institute has been providing, it makes me feel, no less than an, upcoming Executive. :) I've always been a winning debater, and I happen to write a lot of them, for my friends and cousins etc. So, this is how I started writing and editing. As a person I tend to observe, analyze and then react accordingly. These are perhaps the strongest traits I possess. Being a student of Business Administration myself, I've generally observed that there is no proper website in Pakistan, to provides us information on different brands under one channel. An example could be LAYS, Pakistan.So this is what has motivated me to join this forum/website and write for it. Most importantly unlike many other forums/websites, I do not apprehend this community to my colleagues alone. –‘Continual learning is the only means for enhanced survival’ in context to the theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ in today’s highly competitive and dynamic market. I really hope, you people enjoy reading my articles & you can always feel free to add in or criticize. Happy reading..!! :D

  • farah

    the sana safinaz exhibition was tragic! ladies were too obsessed with the clothes as if the clothes were for free :(..

  • Reema Dada

    Honestly, i fail to understand this country’s lawn obsession!! 8-10 of the same, not-too-unique but horribly expensive prints, by the same 4-5 big names.. and everyone goes MAD!
    U know for sure u cant wear them out to some place nice cuz there’ll be atleeeast 3-4 other women wearing the same wherever u go!! naa uhh, i thinketh nay!

  • hira

    Well, Reema i think, it’s more than just obsession. I think this hype of wearing brands has somewhat created an inferiority within women, these days. what so you say about it?

  • Zaira Rahman

    Till women choose to be the fools, the designers will rule 🙂

    Right now they know for a fact that whatever they will bring out will sell like anything and so it is very lucrative for them. But again it’s the customers who decide the fate and because the majority of customers psychologically love lawn and now the charm is even more with “designer lawns” this thing will not just fade away. In fact, it will only grow.

    And how women behaved in the exhibition, that is a socio-attitudinal issue – that will take forever to change, if it will ever change.

  • Reema Dada

    haha! true that! i doubt its gonna change for a while.. i bet they’re already counting the days to the next designer exhibition!

  • Sarosh Waiz

    We either need to tame the consumers or tame ourselves to be able to manage and control things when we expect that to happen. Great post Hira, and I guess these things do effect the brand image in a negative way.

  • Omar Khan

    Pretty soon it’s going to turn into a circus. Women flock to clothes like a moth to a candle. They pretend to be sophisticated yet the underlying fact is that they’re just a hungry pack of wolves ready to pounce on anything that has a HUGE price tag so they can maintain their social status and have something to talk about at cocktail parties 😛

    The market WILL reach a saturation point when it comes to designers but not designs, lets hope the designers can venture out and explore new areas of design before that happens else one day we`ll all be wearing the same thing hahaha

  • hira

    @ Sir Sarosh..!! thank you sir! 🙂

    @ Omar Khan, if women are a hungry pack of wolves as you say, mostly its the men giving the liberty to that extent as in by providing the finances:P. And plus I doubt the saturation because there are quite a few designers who still have not touched this area of designing lawn prints; examples being; Amir Adnan, HSY etc.