AMAN (Awareness Movement for an Alert Nation)

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AMAN is an awareness movement that aims at generating awareness about violence victims around Pakistan and how the citizens can be of help in curbing such harsh acts of violence. The purpose is to bring to notice the important information that has not been paid much heed to or simply bringing information to the knowledge of all around who had previously been oblivious to related facts and figures. ‘Aman’ in Urdu literally means peace and security which the movement envisions in terms of having a secure environment when it comes to studying, worshipping and working without fear of becoming victims of terrorism. The purpose is to educate the masses at how to recognise the threat and alert relevant authorities about it.

To promote this active citizen program, Aman is also running campaigns in different provincial languages and gets down at a level where the message can be easily conveyed to the masses.

The war on terror has cost Pakistan more than any other form of financial or life loss, for example, the bomb blasts which include suicide attacks since 2001 are calculated to be 4000 and more than 21,000 civilian lives have been lost. AMAN not only plans to keep it’s nation updated about such information, it also plans at focusing on letting everyone know about the preventions and precautionary measures.

The first step towards ensuring safety for any nation is eradicating ignorance and spreading knowledge and these are the principles that this movement is based on. For further information log on to


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