Pepco : Craft or Crash?

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I am pretty sure you all must have heard the oft-repeated cliché “PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH” but it didn’t seize to amaze me how Pakistan Electric Power Company (Private) Limited (PEPCO) can miss out on such a small thing in their latest ad which is being aired on all the leading television channels.
For those of you who don’t know what PEPCO is about, do not worry as I’ve copy pasted their introduction from their website. PEPCO has been entrusted the task of managing the transition of WAPDA from a bureaucratic structure to a corporate, commercially viable and productive entity. The way I see it, an advertisement’s basic idea should be to get the message across to the target market which makes them act in the way that the company wants them to but here PEPCO have blown it seriously. I’ve seen this advertisement twice and I cannot keep the frustration, agony and annoyance inside so I had to get it out on a piece of paper. They have casted the so-called celebrities of Pakistan including Wasim Akram, Nauman Ijaz, Sara Chauhdry, etc. and tried to send a public awareness message across by persuading the electricity consumers to use minimum amount of electricity since everyone is conscious of the power situation/crisis the country is facing. The idea is fine and I feel a socially responsible company should involve themselves in such activities.
Here lies the bone of contention, while delivering the message the thing that should be mentioned is the eloquent lighting in the background of the celebrities. They themselves have lighted 7-8 bulbs unnecessarily but they want the consumers to use minimum amount. How the heck is that possible? “Wake up Wake up Wake up” is my message to whoever the ad-maker was. PEPCO must’ve spent fortunes from the making of the advertisement to the buying of media spots on the television channels but all the resources and time allocated by PEPCO have gone down the drain. I couldn’t find the PEPCO ad on the web sorry for that.
Unlike our politicians, defense analysts and talk show hosts, I will not only state the problem and blow it out of proportion; I would also give a solution to it. Wasim Akram, Nauman Ijaz and the other celebrities should’ve entered a room, switched off the lights and have said a few words like “BIJLI BACHAIN” or “HELP YOURSELF” but this simple concept never entered the mind of the ad-makers. The PEPCO advertisement featuring Abdul Sattar Edhi couldn’t have been better. My suggestion could’ve ended up as a disaster but I am quite sure that it would’ve been far more effective and logical then the current advertisement. Finally being a responsible Pakistani, who we don’t see much around and they are endangered species in my dictionary, please switch off the extra lights.

Kisi Khaaki Par Na Kar Khaak Apni Zindagani ko, Jawani Kar Fida Us Par Jis Ne Di Jawani Ko! Jab Dil Hee Laga Bethay Har Naaz Uthana Hoga, Sau Baar WALIDAIN Roothay Sau Baar Manana Hoga! Pehlay Tujh Ko Bachpan Nay Barsoon Khilaya, Jawani Nay Phir Tujh Ko Majoon Banaya, Burhaapay Nay Phir Aa Kay Kya Kya Sataya, Ajal Tera Kar Day Gee Bilqul Safaya!

  • Zaira Rahman

    But how can we conserve something that is hardly ever there? 😮

  • Sarosh Waiz

    I like your overall post Umer. I think a very critical and a valid point that you caught. The ad was not able to impress me either and was NOT impactful at all. And even after spending HUGE amounts of money on this campaign with so many celebrities, they were not able to create that impact. You’re a critic.. the bulbs part that you pointed out is interesting and should be noticed! 🙂 ..