Pepsodent working on it’s Hard Sell Approach through Soft Selling – Kids’ Icon, Khan

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It’s not quite strange to see the target audience of most of the brands being attracted to emotional attributes of a brand. However, for a brand that has been employing a hard sell approach, thereby talking about it’s functional attributes, getting a soft sell approach for a dual combination is something different.

For example, having the kids’ all time favourite, Shahrukh Khan for a toothpaste brand will not only persuade kids to intend to use it but also convert them into influencers  pushing purchasers to have it at home.

Assuming kids get to travel through Clifton Bridge on their way to and back from school, it’s seems to be a good, two way strategic position for billboard placement for a brand that’s targetting children through it’s soft sell approach. Eventually it’s a good kids’ brand with a kids’ icon converting them into users.

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