Pepsi Max – Blading Its Way In… But Is It?

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Pepsi Max was fiiinally launched a while back in Pakistan. I love their recent ads, with the pretty decent dubbing and fun concepts. Overall, they’ve timed the launch pretty well; soft drinks sale bound to go up looking at the current weather/electricity scenario.

I’m not much of a Pepsi co. fan, but in comparison to competition they’ve been marketing themselves pretty well lately so
*siiigh* gotta appreciate that. Its been talked about before at PMB, so I’ll just cut the chase and add their guerrilla marketing bits I recently witnessed on my way back from work.

Time: About 7pm, sometime last week

Venue: Teen Talwar

It’s a fairly long stop at the signal, when coming from Marriot/American Embassy, and since the rush primarily comprises people on their way home after a long day out.. It was nicely timed. The cars up front were pretty nicely entertained the entire time. There was a group of guys, clad in black and blue on rollerblades. They were with some backpack-like tanks, filled with the drink. There was actually a nozzle attached to the tanks, from which they’d fill out Pepsi Max in paper cups and were giving them out.

There was also a Pepsi Max van parked up front, that was blaring out its themed jingle the entire time. While a few of the guys were moving around, handing out drinks.. The rest were rollerblading antics around the front!

I liked how the idea could be identified easily with Pepsi Max. I also liked how the sampling was a little different from what we normally get to see around here. Shows somebody did give a little thought to it.

Yes it gave the guys a chance to show off; were they not careful it could have gotten a little dangerous. I don’t know where else they pulled this off, but I can think of quite a few busy traffic signals where it would intrigue the passerby’s.

Im not too sure how the drinks doing in the market.. But pretty cute I found the idea to be. Did anyone else see it?

* Unfortunately, my cell phone’s battery had died and I was unable to take pictures =(

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  • Ricky

    Pepsi have traditionally marketed to younger crowd in South Asia compared to Coca Cola which marketed their Ads to families and everything about the Guerrilla Marketing you described above seems to align with their overall strategy. I think even the name “Pepsi Max” is carefully chosen to appeal to the younger crowd. Pepsi Max’s jingle is also sung by the band “Call” which again seems to be part of the Marketing package.

    PS: You seem like a Coke fan to me

  • Reema Dada

    Haha, yes i am! But i tried writing this as nicely as possible =p
    I agree though, i like the overall presentation of Pepsi Max! Didnt know the jingle was by Call, its catchy!

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Welcome on the PMB Ricky. Yes, I agree that Pepsi Max has been made to appeal the young crowds and as far as I know it is said to be the next driving force for Pepsi as a brand in the years to come. I love the Pepsi Max Jingle by Call, I launched it on radio as a planner the first time Pepsi Max was launched with that useless Monkey copy on TV in 2008.

  • Faiz Kazi

    so how does the max taste compared to the regular Pepsi? i haven’t still tried it out….


    Coke fan 🙂

  • Zaira Rahman

    I still don’t like it…

  • Ramlah

    I m a diet coke addict, but I don’t mind pepsi max if I dont get diet coke…pepsi max is good, I like the strong flavor 😀

    Their style of marketing that you have described sounds cool..I wish I would have witnessed it too…Pepsi people if you are reading this…come to Szabist please 😉

  • Mohd. Atif Memon

    there is no difference betwween both its just packaging has changed – as you can see only color, label and packaging of LUX has changed in all these years so percieved value is ever high but the function hjas never appreciated so as a marketer it is imp to create the illusion that something is great when ir is not. DOes theis make marketing haram, i wud say yes it does ofcourse

  • qasir jameel

    i love the changes

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