Why the quest for emerging markets must start

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It is no longer a matter of choice for the company looking to survive over the viability of risk surrounding emerging economies; a conquest held back at the voting table from senior board members eager to please shareholders and disinterested in waiting for growth; emerging economies have always been a long term bet.

The uncertainty, complexity and volatility in the global marketplace makes for a taxing battleground for such bets on the future of the company, whether short-term or long-term, is an especially difficult challenge.

I find myself struggling to prioritize their investments across the diverse set of growth markets in emerging economies, asking why is it that China has not returned my investments? Or why is it that my core portfolio bracket has not entered Brazil or established a foothold in Africa? In all these questions, one thing is certain, getting timing right is a key factor in strategic growth planning.

Significant investments of time, effort and resources are required to assess market potential for planning an effective global growth strategy and thus building the requisite capabilities for success. And while looking before leaping and waiting out to asses how the market responds to changes both internal and external is smart, missing out on the high growth spark is something that is regrettable.

The majority will hesitate and encounter what ancestors have in the past – missing out on opportunities as a result of which, having to manage a much more challenging and competitive environment after realizing the truth and taking action.

Sahlique Sultan is Managing Partner of N'eco's Natural Store & Cafe and holds a masters degree in sustainable business management from the American University of Paris.