Enough or Not Enough…? That is the question

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Looking at our daily lives, we see people striving day and night for success, money, fame / recognition, innovation, ideologies etc basically going after every have-able thing there is but how the attitude is shifted after the attainment of those goals remains a mystery. Human Psychology proves how the importance falls of something that you have in abundance. Excess of anything is poison but UFONE missed out on it.

This brings me to a rigorous, aggressive and potent (oh I ran out of adjectives) advertisement campaign that has really taken us by the scuff of our necks and made us see, admire and appreciate it. UFONE campaign featuring the likes of Faisal Qureishi, Adeel Hashmi, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mehreen (who I call the fridge flirty girl after the Orient commercial). Week after week and month after month, the team came up with ads on every form of media delivering their message to the masses in a comical way.

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I believe that it’s time for the fun and games to finish because UFONE has simply over did their humorous approach. Airing the same sort of ads over and over again would not only bore the viewer but make him/her go towards other ads aired by competition. How much can you enjoy the same group of people no matter how good they are? This string of funny advertisements has been on air since the past 12-15 months I may be wrong on it.

In 2007-08 UFONE made an investment of USD 232 Million in order to increase its market share of subscribers. UFONE has also finalized a huge network expansion contract amounting to about USD 550 million in order to extend cellular network to new cities, towns and highways and enhance its current installed capacities in existing cities.

Since there is no serious value addition which leaves all the telecoms playing on rates and services only, I see no reason to be happy or comical about it or I wouldn’t be laughing after Telecom sector attracted around 65% of the FDI and still underachieved. It’s as simple as ABC.

Kisi Khaaki Par Na Kar Khaak Apni Zindagani ko, Jawani Kar Fida Us Par Jis Ne Di Jawani Ko! Jab Dil Hee Laga Bethay Har Naaz Uthana Hoga, Sau Baar WALIDAIN Roothay Sau Baar Manana Hoga! Pehlay Tujh Ko Bachpan Nay Barsoon Khilaya, Jawani Nay Phir Tujh Ko Majoon Banaya, Burhaapay Nay Phir Aa Kay Kya Kya Sataya, Ajal Tera Kar Day Gee Bilqul Safaya!

  • hira

    What I think is that this set of funny ads we see, has much more than humor in them. These ads especially that of UFONE are a direct hit to other telecom brands. And I think this is what’s creating the competition in them…!!

  • Khawaja Umer Tanveer

    @ hira: i agree to a certain degree (wow thats a rap) with you but there are several other ways to nudge the competition out. The thing i am pointing out here is the over-emphasis on humor. I’ll pose a simple question which would make my argument clear…

    How many times can you eat your favorite dish?

    You might have it 7 days a week but on the 8th day you’d start hating it.

    there has to be a balance.

  • hira

    ummm.. agreed..!! but for me that is much more of sarcasm than humor & i believe every time they hit an ad they give a challenge to other brands. But I truly agree on your point of maintaining a balance. 🙂