Study reveals being a maid or a driver kills off family members

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Yet another groundbreaking study conducted by the Karachi School for Business and Leadership shows that maids, cleaners, cooks and drivers working at homes or companies are 90% more likely to lose a family member to an unheard of disease and require immediate leave with pay to be on their side at the difficult time.

“It seems that while unemployed these workers have perfectly healthy family members that more or less are never referred to during the first three months of employment; however this drastically changes after being denied a raise or leave of absence. Our findings showed that in over 90% of the cases, the workers would return to employers with news of family members in some unknown village having contradicted some unheard of illness out of the blue”, noted KSBL research associate Mr. Kenya Halp Mee.

Countless housewives interviewed on the matter unanimously agreed with the finding, pointing out that the workers leave for an indefinite amount of time, offering a substandard replacement in their absence and utilize tears to extract advance wages. The linkage however is lethargy a mystery.

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