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waridTalking about being “in” the market scenario, expressing yourself through the best possible acts (in terms of advertising I mean), we all want to try something new; one that has never been done before by any other company. Nowadays, since the heat is at its verge and so is the T20 World Cup, all I do the whole day is sit in front of my miraculously cute television, with its petite remote control on my right side, a big packet of Lays French Cheese (and no I am not advertising Lays here nor am flickering a debate over it being Halal :P). The most irritating thing that I came across a couple of days back was the repeatedly shown advertisement involving two hilariously, utterly irritating robots (one portrayed as an infuriating girl with huge big eyelashes, imagine a she robot having eyelashes and the other an equally exasperating he-robot) talking nonsense (and by nonsense I really mean nonsense). This hour, that hour, crazy hour, stupid talk and irritating voices with no creativity what so ever. That particular Ad was televised over and over again, driving me insanely annoyed and making me flip channels when I could see its slight reappearance. It made me even more irksome when I got to know that the particular Ad was of none other than our very own Warid Telecom, the so called “Life ka network”. I remember when the first ever Warid’s Ad was played and broadcasted on our media and believe you me, it gave a amiably fresh feeling and was undoubtedly the Ad I wouldn’t have mind to watch or listen to over and over again. But this, the robot thing, definitely defied my very attention. The weaknesses:

– Massive lack of creativity.
– Advertisement being lifeless, boring.
– Vague, undernourished concept behind the attainment of goal.
– Definitely the “not” for capturing the audience
– Irritating lines that eagerly drives away the addressees

In the past, Warid has done some really good work when it came to the conceptual making of Ads in order to boost up its revenues, but this time it has, in my opinion, failed to generate a single penny out of this particular Robotic Ad. I don’t know whom to blame, the very Advertising Company who made this utterly disappointing Ad or Warid itself, for keeping a low, rather extremely low budget for its Marketing/Advertising Expenses. By far, whenever I see this Ad, it definitely crashes me down off my “Life ka Network” and it gives me the very feeling that Warid has stopped caring.

Warid Ad in 2007

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  • Zaira Rahman

    It is quite tacky right.

  • Umer Tanveer

    arey babaaa!! its recession. Warid cant go on spending on human resource that’s why they automated their advertisement models :). I like it because the ROBOT ads are meant for competitive positioning and they’ve done it in a simple way. No matter how irritating the robots are, they’ll leave a lasting impression on your minds. Repetition of the advertisement will eventually drill it in your head. Every ad, one way or the other, is calling a bully on the competing telecoms.

    The Murgha Ad (UFONE has been targeted)
    The “Ab hua na young hona fun” Ad (Djuice has been targeted)

    So I think they are a have hit the bulls eye.

  • Arsalan Zaffer

    honestly i have not read the article but i will just like to comment as a normal person who has been forced to view this Ad over and over again.

    i still dont know what what the robot says,
    its moving really fast , talking really fast not
    to mention the crazy zooming in and zooming out effect.

    oh yes the robots leave a lasting impression as they are different
    but i can never recall the message, just how stupid they look.

    in contrast just watch the ufone 100/100 ad its amazing, short, funny and the message is really clear.

  • Waqas Saeed

    I’m surprised to see no body here mentioning the fact that this Warid ‘Robot’ ad campaign is actually a cheap and lousy copy of Vodafone’s recent campaign in India.

  • Navaid Abrar

    Warid comes from Synergy right??? Probably creative as well??? correct me if I’m wrong guys! I remember previous Warid ads with that Khan guy from UK… i mean that was one creative stuff…. but I agree with Sarah, they did they’re utter best to spoil the image… Thumbs down boooo…..!!!

  • Zaira Rahman

    Well that was a pretty good ad with Waqar Khan .

  • Internet Banking

    That was interesting . I love your style that you put into your writing . Please do move forward with more similar to this.

  • Aaqib Qasim

    Well its true the robot ad sucked big time, but I believe Warid is the best network out there:D and its good that they don’t waste resources on advertisements and invest more in network upgradation and customer service and all, and the Glow campaign was good so Warid is back on track, the author is just jealous :p