Aquafina, It’s interesting Rhyming and beaten about the Bush Concept

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Have you ever written a poetry just for the sake of rhyming words? No? School was the time to do it, but it’s never too late for TVC”s like this where bottled water is telling a story which tea and chocolate brands have already told and a concept which every brand has used or will be using. Therefore ‘Kehay ko yey sirf paani hai, har bood mein mairee kahani hai’, hence the devised story board for Aquafina’s TVC.

The Humsafar couple is everywhere, replacing any Twilight or Titanic craze that ever existed, or it should be better to say that it’s more of a local version of such craze. Don’t be surprised if now you see, Humsafar rickshaws, Humsafar t-shirts or Humsafar any-other-brand that existed or is going to exist simply because of the growing love of this word. There is a common phrase sighted on some rickshaws that says, ‘Bara ho kay Toyota baoun ga’, it will now be, ‘Bara ho kay kisi ka Humsafar banoun ga.’ This is lame but so is every other TVC showing people getting married. Isn’t there any other concept?

So now you drink water, pass in exams, drink water again, get to find your Humsafar … let’s not forget the rain, *it rains heavily* drink water again, get married … keep drinking that brand of water and see your kids growing up! Hence, the entire story. Even if a few days ago you were drinking tea to do the same thing that doesn’t matter if you are the hit couple on TV that can be capitalised through … so, same beautiful faces, same concept but different brands because, ‘Kehnay ko sirf yey paai hai.’

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    hahahahahahaha. Hiba i have hated how our rich drama heritage has been spoiled by the likes of humsafar. but the truth is this is the reality. majority of females really are hooked on to such soaps. Now as far as advertising is concerned i agree with you on the plot as well but you know what this commercial will do very well just because of the timing and talent used. they have capitalized on the equity of this humsafar couple and yes others who will follow this campaign will find it hard to create differentiation but Aquafina being the first one to cast the couple will have the advantage of being remembered distinctly for this. But the questions are 1. Is being remembered enough 2. Is being impact full enough? well this is where your own-able brand idea, Strategy and big idea come. I don’t think they have created a platform supported by strategy and a big idea big enough to lay as a foundation for upcoming campaign ideas. :)