Kawasaki Returns

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This post is written by Arsalan Za, who is the Marketing Manager at SZABIST, Karachi.

We have read a lot about consumer products and communication networks on this blog, but now its time for something different.

When I was 13 years old I used  to slip out of my house from the backdoor and steal my tutors motorcycle for a ride at times while he waited for me inside. Our car key used to work in the bikes ignition some how, which was funny but it helped me back then. Since I learnt how to ride a motorcycle quite early, I have been told a lot about one name in the motorcycle industry through various people, and that name is Kawasaki.

When you come to think about the motorcycle concept nowadays, there are many more along with the power houses such as Honda , Suzuki and Yamaha who dominated the market for decades. The Pakistani market has a lot of potential for this cheaper means of transportation especially the 70cc variant which we can now see wherever we go, since new “CHINA” brands have popped up such as Star, Superstar, Super Power, Super Asia , Habib  and lately Dhoom! I am sure you have heard about atleast one of them if you are a regular radio (FM) listener.

All these motorcycles are ranged from 37 to 45 thousand rupees and are popular because of the affordability factor in terms of the overall price, fuel economy and maintainence.

Now Kawasaki is coming back and it will be competing in a pool of many competitors as compared to the Honda and Suzuki when it started operations in 1988. Kawasaki was no ordinary brand, even though it seized operations years ago. It has many loyal customers till date who love this bike, which sounds loud and is fast, even though its not economical in terms of fuel consumption and requires more maintenance because of its 2 stoke engine. Despite all of this, it is still considered very valuable for many.

When this ad was posted on Pakwheels.com a month ago, it created a spark among people and almost 11,000 people have visited the forum and commented and are waiting anxiously for the brand to re-launch.

In my opinion, it is not going to be easy for Kawasaki as the marketing strategy will have to be remarkable and many consumers are content that they will not be disappointed. Even though I don’t own a bike, but as a marketer I cant wait to see this brand back on the roads of Pakistan. Our motorcycle industry is way behind if we compare ourselves to India. They are making stylish motorcycles at lower prices now and I expect Kawasaki to change the looks of our bikes from the traditional look which has never left us since 1970.


kawasaki 125, 110, 70 GTO

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  • Waqas Saeed

    Very true, there is a huge potential in this market especially from the product development aspect. An innovative & stylish design and fuel efficiency are two factors that if combined together in one bike can be a formula for success.

  • http://no Kashif Maqbool

    Kab aa rahi ha GTO 125

  • Faiz Ahmed Kazi

    Its going to be a let down in the product perspective, won’t be a 2 stroke(banned in pk, hell more powerful), shape’s going to be the bland run of the mill chinese shape the only thing that might work for them will be the Jap engine obviously a 4 stroke other then that expect the body to be locally sourced among everything else!

  • Faraz

    I am about to buy a new bike , i have a Honda 125 and now i am looking for a new one , i dont want to buy another Honda 125 or delux , so my choices are Suzuki 125 or Suzuki 150 and now GTO 125 …
    My friends have Suzuki 125 and 150 , they are both super bikes … there body is Pakistani but engians are Japanes , but i think Kawasaki is the same too (but in house manefecturing)… so i am confused .. Suzuki 150 have its own advanteges , but i have not seen any pic of any GTO type ,, where can i find them and the specefications too …

  • Arsalan Za

    hey faraz, yes dont go for another honda , try something new , well i am disappointed to tell you that kawasaki has not lived upto my expectations at least , they have been constantly promising that they will be launching soon but 2 months have passed.

    so i will suggest go with suzuki gs 150
    its tested and is the best
    gs 125 is bad on resale

  • Muhammad Tariq

    hey Faraz dont go for Suzuki 150, just be patient and get the best of best bike GTO 125…

    InshAllah its coming really soon, and once again CG125 will be history on the Roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. they love kawasaki…

    Muhammad Tariq

  • tarq mehtab


    THIS skm gto thing is a fake kawasaki

    remember original GTO series kawasaki engines are
    2 stroke engines.

    the new 4 stroke engine is a copy of the original 4stroke
    honda cg125 engine made in china

    further more SKM pakistani brand did not even consult with
    japanese kawasaki owners for relaunch of the famous kawasaki in pak.
    they just took ready made engines from china which is not even adesign of kawasaki.just a copy like 125ccengines inBRANDS LIKE HERO,,PAKHERO
    and other f****** bikes.

    so b carefull………………
    remember i am a professional automobile engineer

  • arsalan zaffar

    @ tarq mehtab
    too right, i saw the bikes
    they are simply pathetic
    stay away , go with suzuki or honda

  • Syed Ahmed Ali

    Salam to all….
    Yar what i think z k abi skm kawasaki gto k baray mei KUCH b kehna wqt se pehle hoga….so just wait n see…..cz jb skm gto road pe ae gi…tbi we will b able to tell anything abt it….

    n yp….its a fact k GTO originally 2-stroke bike ha tou ye 4-stroke mei kya maza de gi…:( Lets c anyways….

    suzuki gs-150 is realy a great bike….n its fan following is increasing day by day….

  • qasim

    where can i get its specifications information?
    and the places it is available in Pakistan ??
    any website.. been searching for 15 mins but cudnt find one website. plz help

  • Syed Ahmed Ali


    u just tell me ur email…..i l send u da pics of the specs

  • qasim
  • Maqsood Ahmed

    Salam To All Kawasaki GTO 125 Riders.
    “SKMKAWASAKI” Pakistani Bike Hai es main Honda Ka engine Laga Howa hai.
    Hala ka asal Kawasaki GTO 125 Engine ka Look he Apna Hai
    Asal Kawasaki ka Sound He apna Hai
    Aur skmkawasaki ka Sound Aur Engine Honda 125 ka hai
    Kise ko b koi kawasaki ka bare main malomat chaya to Mujhe Email kare

  • Adeel

    Maqsood bhai is mein honda cg ka engine nahi laga hua, duniya ki har 4 stroke 125cc bike k engine ki shape aise he hoti hai. Aur agar hua bhi tou kiya honda 4 speed hai aur kawasaki 5 speed hai with disk brakes yani phir bhi honda sa tou behtar he hogi baki chizun ko choro iska speedometer honda sa behtar hai aur performance bhi behtar he hogi :p

  • Zahid

    Kawasaki GTO 125 is best ever bikes in PAKISTAN CG125 in nothing in front of it. thay capture honda market INSHALLAH. and damage the MONOPOLY of HONDA.

    Is this Kawasaki is original brand of Kawasaki of 1980s we r expected that quality if it china/ made so is fail to sell .

  • arsalan za

    good information and feedback

  • http://facebook Iqbal Saleem

    Salam’s every one
    kawasaki gto 125 (2 stroke) is the best.
    i think skm kawasaki iska muqabla nahi karpaigi.
    na hi sound k lehaz se or nahi performence k lehaz se.
    or nahi naam k lehaz se.
    my favorate bike is 2 stroke gto 125.

  • Ali raza

    salam to all
    yaar mujhe skm k dealers nai btaya hai k skmkawasaki ki jo specs n engine shape aap nay dekhi hai yeh sirf dekhany k liyay hain n jub bike aye gi to hur cheez clear ho jay gi iskay engine ki shape mai n honda k engine ki shape mai bohat farq hai, is mai kawasaki ka orignal engine hai(jo thai made hai) n bohat excellent performance hai uski. honda 125 ki to koi value nahi hai is k samnay kawasaki waly hamesha nai cheez laty hain, jahan tk engine sound ki baat hai 2 stroke n 4 stroke mai sound ka bohat differ hai so is 4 stroke ka sound 2 stroke jaisa nahi ho sakta.

  • nabil

    guyssssssss where can i find new kawasaki showroom in karachi.. or can any1 provide the pictures to me of this new kawasaki… u can email me at nabilforum@gmail.com

  • amir awan

    salaam friends,i have heard a lot about kawasaki but i didnot try it yet i was going to buy cg 125 but when i heard that gto is coming back i changed my mind,but i m very disappointed to hear that its a chinese bike,n there is no official site of kawasaki pakistan.if any one have any useful and authenticated information plz do tell me my at amir_awan3@yahoo.com


    I m rao abid and want to ask something about advertising strategy of kawaski no one knows about new launchig even just my proffesor aly raza syed tell me in my universty about new launching .there will be some gurila launching. even my fovrout brand is kawasaki but till i have no idea about. and i just see the pics on intrnet.but my perception says if the kawasaki decides to return in markethe must come with some valueable product but this time if their product is not satisfactory kawasaki hs to completly disappeard and may be came with new name

  • Shoaib Shafique

    ASlam o alikum,

    Can any one provide me the specs of GTO-110 and 125, and prices if possible?
    My email address is

  • Ali Raza

    Dear bro, the models gto 110 & 125 are late, they are launching 100cc bike with the name century coz this bike will do 100km in 1 liter & it will b in market for sale in mid of march, if u need some other information u can contact to its dealer in lahore that name is Modern auto traders, al fateh market, mcleod road lahore, 37222053, 37248051.

  • Imran Khan

    yaar ‘bannu’ may kab aiyga hamara tiger gto 125.

  • Ali Raza

    Its amazing, yesterday i bought century gto100 dmfi from lahore, and it did 94km/liter excellent bike with excellent economy.

  • Ali Raza

    century ki qemat Rs.62500 hai laikin yeh booking price hai 1 month k baad bike milay gi ager foren chahyay to Rs.70000 qeemat hai jo awam k sath zulm hai,yeh waqai 94km ker rehi hai 1 liter mai, aj mai nai google per skm ki website search ki wahan yeh site a gai, yaar yeh log online century gto100 sale kr rahy hain, bera advance ho gaya hai pakistan. Giftiments: Welcome to Giftiments!

  • Ali Raza

    century ki qemat Rs.62500 hai laikin yeh booking price hai 1 month k baad bike milay gi ager foren chahyay to Rs.70000 qeemat hai jo awam k sath zulm hai,yeh waqai 94km ker rehi hai 1 liter mai, aj mai nai google per skm ki website search ki wahan yeh site a gai, yaar yeh log online century gto100 sale kr rahy hain, bera advance ho gaya hai pakistan.http://www.giftiments.com/products.php?Century-100-GTO-DMFI&osCsid=ahvgdmv24918mcha805moinds0

  • Rizwan

    Hello: I am going to buy Century 100cc. If anybody owns it please tell me about this bike.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Ali Raza

    in lahore modern autos are the dealers of kawasaki u can get century from them & their contact no is 7248051.

  • naveed ahmed

    this is really very good for us that kawasaki launch again in pakistan i love it very much but unfortunatelly i did not get that bike and i need kawasaki 70cc if anybudy have so plz tell me i will buy it my cell # 03452432438 thank you.

  • Ali Raza

    hi bro naveed, if you are in lahore then u can contact modern autos they are dealer of kawasaki in lahore, their contact no is 04237248051.

  • A. Jamal

    Thanks Ali Raza for your information about that website ********, i have just got a lovely new bike delivered at my house in Multan. Great service and price… i strongly recommend them as my son told me that the bike is absolutely worth riding.
    Btw Ali, can you please suggest about the bike’s registration or documentation? i am not sure what they have done for that but hope that ******** will handle.

    take care,

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  • Nasirwariach

    Great news, the relaunch of the GTO. There was a gap in the lower price motorcycle in Pakistan and the new owners have got it right. Best of luck to the GTO team. Nasir Warriach

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    All these motorcycles are ranged from 37 to 45 thousand rupees and are popular because of the affordability factor in terms of the overall price, fuel economy and maintainence.

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  • Arieff_5093

    hwo have gto rim?

  • Arieff_5093

    I am from malaysia looking for kawasaki motor rim GTO, who is there I will buy for $ 100 usd .. please email for negotiations between

  • Humza15

    maqsood bhai kia kawasaki apney khareed li hai
    agar kharareedi hai tou please pataen k us ki awaz kesee hai aur speed mash 4 gear ka hai k 5 gear ka

  • M Ali Hussan Hussain

    they are cheater this is not kawasaki this is skm

  • Maqsood Ahmed
  • babaloka

    we are waiting for kawasaki… great bike great power and performance

  • Faizan

    Sir they have written there product name skm gto not kawasaki so their is no sense of call them

  • Cyrus Khan

    so what they wanted to repromote kawasaki and fullfill japanese big four group.