The Significant “Smack That” – Ufone/Zong

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ufone-11 zonglogo “Mera number hai *yada yada yada* and mera network hai Zong, Kyun ke Zong deta hai mujhey blah blah blah.” This has been going on over and over again since a couple of weeks now and I must say it is not appealing for me at least. When it comes to the percussive marketing tactics in terms of advertising, Zong has never got my vote. Although they have tried hard but I am just talking about my personal opinion (as if I am some media/Ad guru :P). I remember the first ever Zong Ad that came across me was the one which involved its coloured rings and some young good looking lads. For a moment I thought, now that’s something new and hopefully would stay put. But for me it didn’t. Anyway then came other ads and they failed to catch my attention. But then came this very Ad of “mera number and mera network” targeting every possible telecom companies within its range. Ufone, the obvious taker, couldn’t simply sit back and enjoy the scene now can it…so it started making a cruel yet amazingly humorous content as a reply.


And here it is, humble ladies and extraordinary gentlemen, “the strike back”. Ufone did it again. Now this is what I call aggressive marketing. It’s amazing to see how quick our minds work when it comes to giving an answer or coming up with a great yet humorous idea like this, short yet highly affective. The Ad is only a minute long but the message given is clear as a crystal. I have always been a Ufone Ad fan, the creativity that these people use its remarkable and none alike. Hats off guys, once again, for giving us a good laugh.
The new ufone

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  • Zaira Rahman

    Seriously very FUNNY 🙂

  • Omar

    I have always liked Ufone ads. They are very creative in terms of concepts and even if they are some sort of rip-off or an adaptation of something else, they’re done creatively which makes a whole lot of difference.

    Now pretending to be media guru like Sarah 😉 I would put Zong advertising with the same level as Djuice. I find the stance they have taken against all other networks highly unethical and not a good case practice at all.

  • Agha Zohaib

    The ad is nt a minute long ? Or is it ?

    The one I saw was a 10 seconder .. but yes .! UFONE has been very proactive and the approach has been commendable through out 2009.