Omore OMG! The Art of Happiness or Is It?

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omore I’m sure most of you must have seen the Omore Ice Cream Ad by now. A friend of mine brought my attention to it while we were talking about random telecom crapiness so obviously Telenor’s Tom Thumb Ad was brought up and thats when he said “what’s up with that Omore ad?” and I quickly opened YouTube and a few seconds later was watching an ad that looked like it was made with the lowest budget humanly possible.

It seems like they’ve taken a lot of images from Google and applied the same effect on different  images for 60 seconds. The picture’s are not at all visually appealing and have no relation to ice  cream or anything remotely related (personal opinion).

I am shocked, appauled and scared with the quality of TVC’s that people are making. What is happening to ideas, concepts, creativity? I am sure there is some theme or concept behind it which links the visuals to Happiness. The effect I got was more of a funky music video.

I think I understand what they are trying to do, but I think they could have done a much better job especially since its a brand that is linked to Olpers. Their TVC’s have to be of a certain quality and since the launch of the milk brand, Olper’s, it has set a benchmark stadard which I hoped that they would not go below.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure Omore will come up with more creative and appealing TVC’s in the near future, and lets hope they come up with something soon 🙂

P.S: All the above comments and opinions have been written considering myself an expert on production and creative concepts and such…  😀

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  • Dosti Zahra

    The song is quite catchy though 🙂

  • Omar Khan

    haha yeah it is, i think i mentioned that or I may not have…but it sort of sticks in your head for a while and then fades away lol

  • Zaira Rahman

    The Omore jingle was basically a teaser. And mostly people liked the jingle.

    How do you guys find the other Omore ad?

    I heard kids kind of like this one…though in our discussion with friends the common thing was that the voice over was just not too good…rather way too dramatic.

  • Umer Tanveer

    the jingle origninates from 3-4 decades back. Teachers in rural school used to teach letters of english to the kids by jingling them with words from the native language.

    Pigeon kabootar, uran fly
    Look dekho, aasman sky

    Sit betha, tey stand khalota
    parrot tota, donkey khota.

    The jingle has 10 to 12 stanza’s altoether. This jingle has been there forever. Nice work by Omore team to pick something from the past and present it to todays generation in a creative way

  • Omar

    Thanks Umer, you’ve given a totally new perspective to the ad. I don’t think many people know about the jingle.

  • Abbas Ali Raja

    main ali shadaray tu.. main nu angreze nahi andi. main omorey khadi hai tay bari changi lagi hya.
    aur sunao tusi.

  • Kashif

    yar omore icecream karachi may kab longe ho ga plz rply karain hamain apni shop pe ye product bechna hai

  • Sarosh Waiz

    It will be launched in 2011 as expected.