Ufone & Zong Cold War Continues

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zonglogo1So just when we thought Ufone had a brilliant reply to Zong’s network campaign, Zong came up with a response, which too is a viral one. Just saw it on you tube and sharing it with people here.

YouTube Preview Image


Have a look at it…and let us know what do you think of this? From the discussions I have heard people on the creative side are kind of loving it and not finding it annoying. But let us know your opinion.

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  • http://omar.t3-interactive.com Omar Khan

    hahaha I saw it today and the first thought that went through my mind was that someone must have definitely blogged about it on PMB!

    I’m loving it btw…this is too much fun

  • http://zainad.blogspot.com Zaira Rahman


    It is witty, quick and cost effective. But the best part is that this is all VIRAL!!!

  • Dosti Zahra

    I liked Zong’s response but to begin with, I did not like what Ufone had pulled.

  • http://stop.pk Touseef Ikram

    Well, personally I too am loving this rivalry. If i am not mistaken, ufone is having some of the most comical ads in Pakistan’s history. And I really love some of them. But the response ad by zong to ufone is just brilliant timing and copy. Anxiously waiting what comes next.

    PS: We should be thankful to this war. At least now you can really “enjoy” an Ad. Tell me, in your entire life, how many ads you actually have “enjoyed”?

  • http://zainad.blogspot.com Zaira Rahman

    Did you guys check out the videos uploaded on youtube…some guys taking this idea of Zong and cracking their own jokes and all.

  • http://omar.t3-interactive.com Omar Khan

    I hope they drop their call rates while they’re spending thousands on advertising and making ads.

  • http://www.playlist.pk yasir

    ppl are enjoying…….

  • moona liza

    huh!! itz sooo funny but the ever best memorable war.