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pepsiIt is not a new phenomenon that for quite sometime Pepsi’s commercials are just not upto the mark. They are no longer inspirational. They don’t possess the sort of passion that Pepsi ads used to have once upon a time. Another reason could be that for years Pepsi was alone but it’s only for the past couple of years that Coke has become active in our market and so the competition has become way too aggressive. And the comparisons may not end.



Especially, since the Pepsify ads went on air the comments of the youth are not positive. Advertisers too have criticized the Pepsify Adnan Sami and Annie ad way too much. Followed by the Pepsi Football ad which was an absolute blunder after it’s local adaptation. The football ad had an extremely confused unprofessional feel to it throughout.



People still ask the same question, which is, “What do they mean by the term Pepsify”? Although I always felt that the overall concept behind Pepsify – the youth having the empowerment to change the world the way they want to, was great but it was never communicated well to the common man.



But coming to the present, the new Pepsi thematic which is currently on air as well has gained some attention.  It did have all the right intentions to be patriotic, optimistic and passionate and in a way it does display all that too. But now, it seems that is not enough and people are all set to find the flaws anyway because the opportunities never seem to end.



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Anyway the overall feedback on Pepsi I gathered from various sources in media, advertising and a few students didn’t just revolve around this particular ad but also had a lot of other factors highlighted too which are as follows:


         The ad is similar to some old Nike ad


         Some also feel that it is very similar to Coke’s World Cup Ad with the patriotic song (Bolay junoon, bolay zameen, bolay imaan) but the Pepsi ad is not as natural as the Coke ad was


         Call is just not the sort of band that goes with Pepsi’s profile



         Coke has owned the music platform now after Coke Studio 2. The youth and even adults are aware of it and the hype has played its part again for Coke


          Also while Coke is following a planned strategy of taking one step at a time for instance with Coke Studio 1 last year and this summer Coke Studio 2 with a stronger artist list, while Pepsi is doing one of events/concerts which people forget in no time.


         All the great singers/artists are mostly associated with Coke now via Coke Studio leaving lesser options for Pepsi when it comes to music


         Coke is creating an interactive/connection or bond with the youth via the music platform.



         And the most important point being that the song says Pepsi se hai Zamana and then in the end the message is “Badal Do Zamana” so many people say that are they trying to say to change the world and switch from Pepsi.


         After Pakistan won T20 World Cup, the Pepsi streamers say Badal Dia Zamana so some students cracked up that yeah we have changed are drinks to Coke.



You can always give your feedback. I personally didn’t like this Pepsi ad also. I have not enjoyed any local Pepsi ad for quite sometime now. But I do feel the red light is blinking for long now and not much has been done as far as Pepsi’s communication messages are concerned.


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  • moazzam

    has pepsi become to comforatable with its leadership scenario…. i would love to know where pepsi and coke stand in terms of market share in Pakistan……
    maybe a big push from coke may shake the ground from under pepsis feet what is coke studio is it that push ?? or can we expect something bigger ??

  • moazzam

    sorry i meant comfortable !!

  • Zaira Rahman

    Well as far as distribution is concerned Pepsi is still the market leader.

    And I don’t think Coke Studio would really enhance sales but it’s more like owning a platform, which was actually Pepsi’s platform. And that is a sort of hit in itself.

  • moazzam

    You have to realize that brand loyalty is a big thing and Coke is building up the public into a brand loyal force that will say sorry i only drink coke when offered Pepsi at a restaurant………
    the Coke studio thing is more of a brand presence and visibility exercise they are beating Pepsi at its own game i agree but this is pure brand visibility and a few nudges in the right direction will im sure lead to a loss of market share for Pepsi…… Plus they suck 😀 i just thought id put that in 😀 !!

  • Zaira Rahman

    “They suck ”

    Just a bit curious as in what factors make you state that, if you don’t mind sharing 🙂

    I mean is it because of the communication messages that Pepsi has had; the taste of the product (which hasn’t changed); media visibility or any other experience.

    Because frankly speaking a lot of Coke fans I have come across are apparently Coke fans just because they want to hate Pepsi for one reason or the other. Some ardent fans love the stronger taste of Coke.

    True that Coke is building a connect with their audiences via platforms, which is a good strategy for them at this point in time but we should always be clear on why people prefer one brand over the other.

    This Pepsi-Coke scenario in our market could be just another case study in sometime…

  • moazzam

    I am in no way coke fanatic………. n the Pepsi sucks thing was just put in to get this convo goin 😀 hahah………
    but now that were on the subject. Pepsi has pretty much been goin down in taste and quality it looks watered down the taste is too sweet……. coke has a better taste a little bitter a little sweet just the right combination i just believe if coke can capture Pakistan if it pushes hard cause pepsi is making the classic mistake and becoming comfortable with its lead………….

  • Agha Zohaib

    I can’t help laughing whenever I see this communication. It’s a desperate attempt to associate yourself with Cricket & Music again….

    Coke has gone a little too far now as far as advertising is concerned..