Mobilink helps IDP’s

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Charity starts at home, and people in Karachi are quite generous when it comes to giving support for earthquake victims or the IDP’s from the north. When the northern areas were hit by an earthquake, the contributions from the city of Karachi matched that of the government and that is a big deal.


But it’s not only individuals who are giving them these things, it’s the companies with a sense of responsiblity that are working towards helping out these people. One example is of Mobilink, one of the largest and oldest telecoms in Pakistan. They have been involved in a plethora of socially responsible activities over the years and the recent IDP camps is just another example of that.

They have setup camps to house a 1000 families with as many ammenities as possible. They have been working in colaboration with some major charitiable and human rights organizations like UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR etc. and have made a major contribution to helping the IDP’s feel welcomed and give them a home.

They have been giving the people items like:

  • Fabric tent, quilts, floor mats, buckets, coolers etc.
  • Cooking pots, crockery, cultery etc.
  • Food rations such as Flour, pulses, cooking oil, sugar, salt, tea
  • Peronsal Hygiene kits like soaps, toothpaste, mosquito repelants, combs, towels etc.


Other than that, they have also setup camps to educate the young ones in these camps.

Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President, Mobilink says “As a company on the forefront of reshaping lives we are trying to do our best and are determined to support the displaced persons. To date, we have registered 1,000 families at Mobilink Camp.”

The camps are not only about helping these people find a temporary home, but making their stay as comfortable as possible.

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  • Mustafa

    Sounds interesting. Good post!

  • Umer Javed

    I think other companies have also done CSR in Pakistan, but it all depends how it is highlighted. even this Mobilink campaign has not been highlighted as it should

  • yawar

    do you think this is true CSR?

  • IBR

    I think the Mobilink campaign to support the IDPs has been a good step towards starting to support a cause. It has long been awaited that marketers take this step.

    @Umer: I don’t know why are you saying that this campaign has not been highlighted as it should have been? I guess you have not been connected with the world since a while.

    @Yawar: You should have an arguing point when you are happy to leave a question? I consider it a great step towards CSR.

  • Umer Javed

    I respect your analysis IBR, but I think that more could have been done to promote this campaign and highlight its importance by igniting urban drives to make the consumers feel connected as well. It should have been better this way I guess.

  • IBR

    Although I like your idea of connecting with the consumers through an urban drive, but I guess there would be certain objectives defined when mobilink though to carry over this initiative.

  • Sad Soul

    Its such a sad story for the internally displaced people. And its harsh when we try to think the problems that these people would have to go through…

  • shakil ahmed

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  • shakil ahmed

    Its such a sad story for the internally displaced people. And its harsh when we try to think the problems that these people would have to go through…

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