Consumer Rights… A fresh approach!

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It has been a long time since I have contributed an article here, but actually i have been busy with my vacations in England. For a few years this has been my second home. I have escaped here every summer to unwind and enjoy the weather and this year was no exception. The quality of life here is exceptional from an underground network of trains through out the city for the masses to a cuisine of Halal foods across London.


Who do you think is a consumer? In my opinion, if money is the life blood of a business? then a consumer is the heart that pumps that blood into your business. It kind of puts things into perspective as marketers have been saying for years that the consumer should be at the heart of any business. But you know what? I feel that the consumer is THAT heart. Taking care of that heart is not a small thing. I can in no way list how much effort it takes to take care of a consumer because honestly I don’t have the experience to tell you.
It was my intention to list one example of what consumers enjoy here and it is that they have the right to fresh food. Yes you heard me fresh food! It may seem like a small thing but it makes a great impact. Restaurants across England prepare food daily for the masses and after the day has ended that food cannot be reused. All of it is either given to staff or distributed to needy individuals like homeless shelters, etc.
In fact this isn’t a practice in England only. I researched into this practice a little bit and found out that it is in practice across the world. UAE for once, also practices that and the consumer has the right to fresh food daily. All the food left at the end of a work day is dispersed between people who need it.
I may not know the system in Pakistan, that is why it was my intention to find out how this issue was dealt? Do we have the right to fresh food as I have never experienced it myself? Do we have other consumer rights? What are other consumer practices across the world that we are missing out on? More or less everything I must say!
In the end I leave it upto you my friends. As consumers are we at the heart or are we the heart?

BIO: Moazzam Kamran. Currently Assistant Marketing Manager at Cyber Internet Services Pvt. Ltd.(CYBERNET). Past experience includes working for Dawlance Pakistan as Assistant Manager Communications and as Assistant Manager Marketing Research. VISION: I am also a teacher at SZABIST Karachi. All my life I have had the vision of empowering our youth instead of spoon feeding them facts we need to build up their concepts and nurture their Creativity. We need to create thinkers, leaders and visionaries because that is the only way Pakistan can florish. Finally to all my readers I hope I can make your experience at Pakmediablog as intersting and as fun as possible.

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    another thing i wanted to highlight is an anticipation of consumer needs……. it is that anticipation that led to London creating an underground transit system (subway system)……
    Thousands of consumers use this system daily……….

    Please write more and educate Thank You !!