Talk About Originality? Directed by Mr Waqar Zaka…

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Check out the famous foreign version of this video if you haven’t seen it, before moving on to the one below which so proudly directed by Mr Waqar Zaka…

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And this is the one Proudly directed by Waqar Zaka. His name appears at the end proudly showing that he directed this frame by frame theft.

YouTube Preview Image

On top of everything, has rubbish expressions… check the expressions on the foreign version they are natural and fun.
I have no article to write on this rubbish! It is clearly self explanatory!!!!!

Comments Please !!! Or No Comments?!

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  • Umer Tanveer

    height of wanabeeism…. The concept of the Orange O box commercial is decent and simple but waqar idiot overdid the ad seriously. Who would want to take their shirts off sitting outside peeza hut??

  • moazzam

    worst copy ever ive never seen someone even rip the music ……….

  • Zaira Rahman

    Brilliant 😛

  • Ali Pasha


  • Mohammad Ali

    They can never produce orignal ideas .. never , i knew this since ages .. i ll post a video of kaala jado , waqar is the host of that show , just check his attitude

  • moazzam

    the kaala jadoo thing is also to my recollection a borrowed concept from another show abroad………….. the thing is exposing frauds here we need to show that this is not exceptable behavior !!!

  • Omar

    hahah damn…this is SO messed up!

  • Irshad Ahmed

    Waqar is a crap…..see what has he done in living on the edge…….He tries to copy Raghu of MTV when he was taking the auditions. All attitude….

  • Sajjad

    Leave the copy thing, leave the originality and stuff. The main thing is that Pakistani Muslim girl is taking of a her shirt in the public which is not even in the original copy. What a shame for u. What message are they giving? Its totally insane. Alright copy if you want to, but please remember you live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Waqar waisay toh baray lecture daita hai patriotism kai….kia Quaid-e-Azam nai isi liye Pakistan banaya tha keh larki tv par apni shirt utaar dai..???? SHAME, SHAME, SHAME…!!

  • moazzam

    Agreed Sajjad sahab shame on this person who wants fame at the price of dignity of the country……..
    it is indeed a dark day when people with this sort of attitude and vew become the representatives of the nation on the media platform !!
    Thank you for the views
    Please tell others and spread the knowledge !!

  • Ali Raza

    Sajjad: Bro, firstly which ISLAM allow Muslims to perform fashion shows, movies, dramas?, or is it abt creating ur own MOSQUE and ISLAM where whtever u like u say its ok but whtever u dont like u say lets bring ISLAM and BLAME THE PERSON? , there is no such thing as ISLAMIC SHOWBIZ, so start protesting again FASHION Industry first instead of pointing this Guy Waqar. Which TV show in the World is made to give MESSAGE for anyone?, TV shows r suppose to be spicy now it varies from producer to viewer BUT Y U R INSULTING ISLAM by bringing it in discussion, just say u dont like his act personally, otherwise PROTEST AGAINST PAKISTANI FASHION TV first which is corrupting the young minds and most important protest against implementing ISLAM, this dude Waqar is in the race of showbiz, I think whtever he did was perfect since its a RACE to FAME, a race to entertain ppl and catch more eye balls, NO TV SHOW IS GIVING ANY MSG TO ANYONE, so take entertainment as entertainment and by the way we should also see the good things Waqar has done, like I love his show XPOSED just see this i think here is something that I feel should be shared with everyone that he practically helping the youth

    Is this copied ? its upload date is 2007 and these days all news channels r copying wht he started.